Saturday, November 22, 2008

this place has gone to the dogs!

Timmy (my dog), Kandice with Cubby Bear on her lap and Stetson.

Well the place had gone to the dogs, but now the grandogs have headed home with their people and the house is quiet again. The dishes are caught up, the house straightened up, Coop is watching tv and the animals are all napping. Kandice is improved as for the pluerisy, but on medication to ease the symptoms. I'm hoping she shows much more improvement over the coming week.

This is Stetson, the rescue dog the kids adopted at the same time they found Timmy for us. He's half German shepherd, half Shar-Pei and one big baby. But when he barks it rattles the nerves because he's loud and sounds so fierce. Helluva watch dog. Then there's little Cubby Bear (below), a rescue dog as well. He's small but with a ton of personality. He's a chair thief, too, at least when it comes to my chair.

I got to spend all day yesterday with my daughter and grandaughter (and grandogs) while Tom went in to the hospital to spend the day with his mom. Good news, his mom is ok and did not have a stroke. My understanding is that it was an erratic heart rhythm and blood pressure drop (not sure about what brought it on). She is on medication now that seems to be working.

More good news! My sister got her results this morning and there were no signs of cancer or abnormal cell change. Reason to celebrate! I'm so thankful for the good news and also want to thank those of you who sent good thoughts and prayers regarding the family's well being. You know who you are. :)

Tomorrow we'll be attending the memorial for Coop's dear brother in law. I imagine it will be a time of catching up with family as well as a time of mourning. It's a shame that so often it takes a death to gather the family together. That is something Coop and I have talked about recently ...taking the time to stop in and visit sisters and brothers more often, an early New Year's resolution I guess.

This white tail was just outside the kitchen window this afternoon. A site we're seeing more regularly now that the view through the woods is clear. We saw three beautiful buck just beyond the creek the other day. Just one of the gifts winter brings. I love this country life.


  1. What a busy place! It sounds like you have had a little stress lately. I hope you can have a nice relaxing Thanksgiving time with family and friends!

  2. Wow , look at all the dogs ..... they're beautiful.
    Sorry to hear about your troubles , glad your sister and Coop's Mom got good news.

    Hunting season is in here , I haven't seen our herd , I guess they're staying out of sight. Great pic of that buck.

    ~ Many Blessings ~

  3. Looks like my couch, you have to ask the dogs to move to sit down.

  4. Glad to see your sister does not have cancer. Love the picture of the whitetail and the dog pics remind me of my home, they rule to roost.

  5. The dogs look adorable. When we purchased new furniture it was with the stipulation that my dog could have at least the ottoman, since she was used to the whole couch. Hubby agreed (he loves her too!). I'm so happy to hear of your blessings and hope the funeral isn't to difficult on your family.

  6. Don - Yes, it can get a little crazy here! Thanks, we'll be joining daughter and family for a nice dinner out...nontraditional for us.

    Hi Joyceann - Yeah, those dogs are something. Gun season begins here the first of Dec. I haven't seen nearly as many deer this year as the previous two. Usually, once gone season begins, we see our herd staying low behind the house in the creek gully.

    Anne - yes, and around here even if I ask them nicely, I often end up having to physically move them to get a seat. :)

    Country Girl - Thanks, the news about my sister was most welcome. The critters rule around here as well. They're all a tad bit spoiled.

    jrmom - we have a sofa and a love seat and I'm more than ok with giving one up to our dog Timmy. However he wants to lay wherever we are and when one of us gets up he steals the warm spot. It ends up being like musical chairs around here sometimes with that boy.

    The memorial service went nicely and everyone is everyone seems to be dealing well. Thanks so much for your kind words.

  7. Your furniture has gone to the dogs too, eh? Our yorkies think they own everything...and other dogs that come around? No way are they going to share!
    Can't believe your snow pix already!
    I just don't want any of that white stuff!


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