Saturday, November 22, 2008

brought to you by the Letter "H"

I know, I know, what the blogging community needs is another meme. : ) This one is voluntary. I picked it up over at A Cowboy’s Wife. She gave me the letter “H”.

The rules if you want to play along: Leave me a comment so I can assign you a letter. Then list on your blog ten things you love that begin with that letter.
It’s just for fun and no one is obligated.


1. Husband – he is probably the one and only man that could have put up with me through the past 29 years. (and vice versa, lol) We have been through it all and then some.

2. Hugs – everybody wants them and needs them, too. When I was younger I was never much of a hugger, growing up in a home where affections were not outwardly shown. It took a lot of years for me to become a hugger and now I try to make up for it.

3. Home – it’s where my heart is and always has been. Throughout the years I worked outside the home, all I ever wanted was to be home. Now home is where I am and that makes me very happy. I have been accused of being reclusive. What’s wrong with that I ask?

4. Harvest – growing and gathering and experiencing the result of all our homesteading efforts.

5. Herbs – I love all aspects of herbs, from growing, gathering and drying to using them to enhance cooking, to aid healing, …I just love herbs!

6. Homosapiens – some better than others, but for the most part I love us!

7. Heartland of Ohio – truly, I can’t think of any other place I’d rather be. Yes, we get the cold in the winter and have occasional tornados, but we get to experience all four seasons in dramatic ways plus, we don’t get killer earthquakes, hurricanes, (well, not until recently), mudslides, large forest fires, tsunamis, monsoons, etc. We don’t have too many poisonous snakes or bugs, either. Plus we have fireflies and glow worms!

8. Hearing – knowing what I would miss, I would not want to never hear music, the sound of a baby laugh, the song of a bird or the rustle of leaves.

9. Honesty – I place a higher value on this than most morals. You can hurt me in a lot of ways and I can forgive, but I find dishonesty a hard one to let go of.

10. Heroes – not the glorified super star kind but the everyday kind; firefighters, stewards of the land, moms who struggle against the odds, REAL heroes.

I really liked this meme. It certainly gave me a moment to reflect and consider some of the things that truly matter. Thanks Barb!


  1. I enjoyed reading your meme. Everything you wrote I was nodding my head in agreement.

  2. Somehow...I knew I'd be reading these very words~from You! I have the same beliefs and thoughts and I knew you'd give "H" it's proper "H"onor!!
    (I didn't know anything about #7, but certainly enjoyed the learning!)
    Have a great weekend, EarthHeart!


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