Saturday, November 1, 2008

a generous give away

Being a bit under the weather with some tummy issues, I have been taking it easy today. That of course includes some crocheting and some internet browsing. I stumbled upon one of those blogs that, when you stumble upon them you know they're a keeper. Speaking of which, there are many of those out there which I have sooo postponed adding to my blogroll. It's going to happen, it will happen I swear.

In the meantime though I wanted to bring your attention to A Vision Splendid. The reason is two, I really like what I've read so far and two, (this is purely selfish) she is having a very nice give away. In order to be counted in, she requests the participant to post a little note on their blog as to why they like A Vision Splendid. Which leads me to my answer...she had me the minute I read her profile..."A 35 year old Australian mother of two throws in her job as a lawyer and comes home to raise her children thoughtfully, grow her own vegies, bake bread and live a more family oriented sustainable life." I know a kindred spirit when I come across one.


  1. Oh how lovely !

    Thank you for your kind comments.

    After having a quick read of your blog I can see that we really do follow the same theme. How wonderful!
    I will be back to read more.


  2. Michelle - You're very welcome. Thank you for stopping by as well.


  3. I will definitely check out her blog too - looks like something I too will relate to! :)

    I have an award waiting for you on my blog - come and take a look! :)


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