Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Odin finds a home

When the man saw me curled up on the road in the snow, I got scared and ran from the big sound. But he stopped and got out of the car and he knew the secret words, "kitty kitty." That's when I knew he was my savior, so I ran right to him. He took me to his house and this nice lady fed me and bathed me and now I am happy to be safe, full and warm and have a lap to curl up on. Heck, they even gave me my own potty because I couldn't get into the big one. But even with all the good, I sure do miss the familiarity of other cats like myself.

These people are real nice but their other animals don't seem too sure about me. I feel happy but still kind of alone so I cry a lot. All I want is to be friends and play and curl up together. See what I mean? Arther (that's what these folks call this big guy) won't even look at me.

I just couldn't take it anymore, I had to try and in doing so face the possibility of complete rejection. Arther wasn't too sure about it when I nuzzled up next to him...I thought he might take a hike...

and he was kind of taken aback, but I didn't give up...nope, not me...

and pretty soon the big guy gave in and said it was ok if I slept there with him.
I guess he just couldn't resist me. I notice I have that affect on others.
Now I am feeling real comfortable here, real comfotable.

p.s. They named me Odin.


  1. Oh my goodness that is so cute and so sweet!! I'm so glad Arther was ok with Odin's snuggling up! Totally precious.

  2. How precious! It's so nice that you have given Odin a safe and happy home, and how nice of Arther to give in and let him snuggle! Your post warms my heart! :)

  3. How wonderful you are!

  4. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww......Odin is too cute. How lucky he was to find you!!!

  5. That's so stinkin sweet. I love the series of pics with him cuddling up to the big kitty. The newest addition to our family was found on the side of the road too. Luckily they both found good homes.

  6. Awwww! He's such a cute little feller. I can't wait to meet him.

  7. You are sure a looker, Odin! And I love your name.

  8. ((((((((Odin))))))))))

    How very blessed to have found such a fine home !!

    From cats everywhere, Thank you :)

  9. All these comments have warmed my tiny little heart and caused a big smile to spread across my keeper's faces. I am purring with delight as I dictate these words and climb all over my human mommy. I'm so glad she understands catspeak so I could say thanks.

    love, Odin

  10. From one animal lover to another...Thank You (and your Husband)for bringing this precious kitty home. Odin is absolutely precious. And sooo lucky your husband knew the "magic" words.

  11. How gorgeous!!! Dont forget to have your vet test the kitten for felv/fiv and bartonella virus...its common in strays and can be passed to your indoor kitty....the felv/fiv snap test can be done within minutes...the bartonella takes a few days. Bartonella can be cleared up with antibiotics. Good luck with your new kitty...i have a black one and a white one too!....(amongst other colors lol)

  12. Oh Odin! You are so lucky to have that gentleman find you! What a warm, cozy loving family you have found!
    Thank you EarthHeart for your thoughts yesterday. They mean alot and warm my heart. Just glad to have it all behind us now. Like Cowboy says..."can't miss what I never had"
    Hope you are staying warm and not too busy. I did copy your recipe for soap..may have to give it a try.
    Thank you.

  13. I am not even a cat lover but my heart was stolen by this kitty. What a guy!


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