Friday, November 14, 2008

Ohio Amish Country part 2 inside Lehmans

Lehman's storefront. Even on a Thursday the place was pretty busy. I'm thinking it's busy jut about every day. I spent a whole $6 that day, but oh how tempting it was to purchase more.

Here we have your choice of dutch ovens.

And here is just about any type of cookie cutter one might want.

Then there were vintage style signs.

And Amish baskets. Check out that pot bellied stove...fancy!

High above this display was this display of old wash tubs.

And then there was enamel ware...

and more enamel ware. Oooh I just love this stuff, probably because I grew up with it.

On to the pottery...

and some from Germany that was just too beautiful.

We ate lunch inside the hardware at the Cast Iron Cafe. J got bread and water since she was locked up. :)

Who wouldn't love a good warm soak in this copper tub? Ahhh, but a girl can dream.

Wood cook stoves...this is maybe half of those on display at Lehmans.

and of course I had to include a picture of my dream stove.

On the way out this Smart car caught my eye. Smart!

Part 3 with more of Holmes county to come!


  1. Man..... I wanna go to Lehman's!!!! I have been getting their catalog for a little while and dream of going there. Now your pictures make me want to go even more!!!

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  2. What a cool blog! I love all the stuff at Lehman's. I want one of those stoves. Are they wood stoves?

  3. Hi Carolyn - We're fortunate to be so near Lehmans. I've been there twice recently and still am sure I've missed some things. No joke! Have fun with the give away!!

    Hi Don and welcome. Thanks so for visiting. Yes, those are all wood cook stoves. The store has another large room of nothing but wood heating stoves. If I photographed everything they have it would take days to show it all.

  4. omg the splaterware, and i have coveted those stoves FOREVER! I think its time for me to make a road i can make it to Cabelas i can make it to Lehmans! Great post!

  5. be still my heart! i guess a trip to lehmans is going on my life list! lol

  6. What an awesome place, too bad it wasn't closer. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for posting the pics! Now hubby says we simply HAVE to make a trip there!!

  8. catherder - my thoughts exactly. I think the splatter ware is my favorite.

    jayedee - yeh, makes the old ticker go flippity flop, I know, lol!

    country girl - you're welcome. You can always visit their website and drool. :)

    country wife - yes, hubby is right, you really should since you're not too terribly far. Just to warn you, one trip is never enough, lol!

  9. What an awesome place! I miss the Amish/Mennonite stores. In Virginia, there is such a large community and the evidence is everywhere. I miss the cooking and the buggy parking areas.

    thank you for yuor kind and comforting words on the adoption post.

    In friendship,

  10. Thanks for a great posting about our store! I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit. You are a great photographer really did it justice.

    Let me know if you ever come by again and I will try to meet with you when you are here.

    Thanks again!


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