Tuesday, October 18, 2011

apples, apples, apples!

i miss going to the local orchards in the fall and picking my own apples.  these days it's seldom you find a roadside stand selling locally grown apples by the peck or bushel.  many of the places you find are selling fruit and produce that have been shipped in from someplace else. 

fortunately a week or so ago, mark and i were heading home from a fall drive (just to enjoy the beauty of the season) and on old route 66 just south of new bremen, we found a place.  since i had already purchased enough apples for a few pies at the supermarket, i picked up some acorn and butternut squash.  can't get enough of those!  while there we also got to visit the farm's animals; a miniature horse, leghorn chickens, a very friendly sheep and a variety of goats.  i do love the goats!

anyhow...since it is the season i thought i would share this list of apple types and their best uses.   enjoy the taste of the season!

NAME Best Uses Flavor Characteristic, Appearance
Braeburn Sauce Tart, sweet, aromatic, tall shape, bright color
Cortland Pies, Sauces, Fruit Salad Tart, crisp, larger than 'McIntosh'
Fuji Baking Sweet and juicy, firm, red skin
Gala Dried, Cider Mild, sweet, juicy, crisp, yellow-orange skin with red striping (resembles a peach)
Granny Smith Baking Moderately sweet, crisp flesh, green skin
Jonagold Pie, Sauce Tangy-sweet, Yellow top, red bottom
Jonathan Sauce Tart flesh, crisp, juicy, bright red on yellow skin
McIntosh Sauce Juicy, sweet, pinkish-white flesh, red skin
Newton Pippin Pie, Sauce, Cider Sweet-tart flesh, crisp, greenish-yellow skin
Rhode Island Greening Pie Very tart, distinctively flavored, grass-green skin, tending toward yellow/orange
Rome Beauty Baking, Cider Mildly tart, crisp, greenish-white flesh, thick skin
Winesap Sauce, Pie, Cider Very juicy, sweet-sour flavor, winey, aromatic, sturdy, red skin