Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Outside my window the sun just recently rose and is casting it's light on the trees across the street, creating shadows on the lawn.  the oaks and maples maintain their leaves yet, in shades of gold while most other trees have become skeletal until Spring.  squirrels scamper to and fro, foraging for the coming cold.  Pampas grass sways just ever so slightly.

I am thinking this will most likely be one of the last and truly nice fall days here in Ohio.  

I am thankful for so many things, but thinking of my dogs, Reggie and Juju and how much love, comfort, companionship and enjoyment they bring into our lives.

In the kitchen I have just put fixings for split pea soup into the crockpot.  the dishes still need done.

I am wearing my nightgown still, long and white with blue-green flowers on it.

I am creating a multicolor triangular shawl.

I am going to our local meat market today to stock our freezer for the month.

I am wondering if I'll find my way back to the simple woman I used to be.

I am reading 'Catcher in the Rye' because I've never read any of the classics, old or modern.

I am hoping to feel more awake and lively sometime soon.

I am looking forward to 'Sons of Anarchy' tonight.

I am learning just how much I've let go of who I was five years ago before my husband died and how much I miss that person.

Around the house everything needs caught up.

I am pondering the holidays approaching soon and trying to decide exactly what we're doing.

A favorite quote for today..."If not now, when?"  I need to remember this because it's applicable in every way.

One of my favorite things is a sense of order which right now is lacking in my life.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
do laundry, get groceries, sort items for donation, list on etsy.

A peek into my day: 
dogs out, dogs in, dogs fed, give meds to sick dog, (repeat, repeat, repeat) prep what's for dinner, start laundry, get dressed, go to store, coffee, home and carry on.  that sums up just about every day.