Wednesday, November 18, 2015

fear, greed, it just me that's confused?

people continue to confuse me daily. i know i'm not always the sharpest crayon in the box, but if you believe in god (as you say you do) and you believe in love (as you say you do), and you believe that god is love (i assume you do), then why deny refuge to those escaping the killing and suffering in syria? people think that by taking in refugees it somehow takes away from you or "us". here's the thing, it's doesn't! the only thing that takes away from us is the political system that gives billions and billions of dollars in tax breaks and refunds to corporations time and time again. and it's the corporations who hide their profits in tax havens offshore that take away from us. and it's the revolving door policy of our government consistently hiring former corporate employees and putting them in washington. truly, if you believe in god and love then you will open your arms and hearts to those who suffer, be they americans or syrians, christians or muslims. and if you really have any kind of faith in god or reality you'll believe there is enough in this world for everyone. and there actually is. we just need to work seriously to get some balance in the world and as americans, particularly in this country. and to begin this process we must be united, not separated by race or religion. we must exercise the power of the people to change things.