Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Ok, so I have that David Bowie song in my head as I type this post to all of my good friends in cyber space.

First of all I wish to say how very much I appreciate all the kind words and support sent my way in response to my last entry and the changes in my life. You all are wonderful and have made my heart very happy.

And now again I am signing off to venture forth into the next phase of my life. On or near the first of October I will no longer be a resident here at the homestead, but will in fact be moving and making my home with Mark. I guess I will have to change my blog title to something other than "from my homestead" as I will no longer be a country dweller. Talk about change! You know me, I would prefer to be in a rural place and perhaps someday that will again be possible. But for now, this geographical change is secondary and it is good and necessary. And it's not like I am moving to the big city so I know things will be just fine.

Life can be funny (not necessarily haha funnny, but funny) and unpredictable and boy don't I know that. I just feel so blessed to feel alive again, to experience such love and light after such sorrow. I wanted to let all of you know that my life is continuing on in a wonderful way and that I appreciate all of your comments, your visits and especially your friendship so very, very much. Be happy and be good to you. I'll be seeing you in the funny pages. :)

love, Sallie