Monday, November 3, 2008

simple womans daybook

For Today...

Outside my window the sun was shining for the better part of the day. Now the light is fading as the sun sets.

I am thinking of my grandsons and missing them.

I am thankful for...a phone call from my sister today and that she has a new kitten and that the elections will soon be over and
when it is that I will no longer be getting all those prerecorded messages trying to sway my vote …especially the ones from one particular campaign badmouthing the opponent.

From the kitchen...home grown green beans and taters with lean, uncured bacon simmering on the stove and boiled eggs waiting to be deviled.

I am wearing...denim capris, a lavender print cotton thermal top and an off white sweater, socks and moccasins.

I am reading...The Old Herb Doctor and still on When All Hell Breaks Loose as well..

I am hoping...Coop gets home safe and sound and not too tired out.
He’s been working with C, our neighbor/landlord at re-roofing C’s house in Columbus.

I am creating...fingerless gloves for my grandchildren because they think they are way cool.

I am hearing...the occasional car drive by as neighbors head home from their jobs as well as the heavy breathing of my dog Timmy as he naps on the loveseat.

Around the house... progress was made in clearing out the upstairs and organizing the sewing room, swept the downstairs, cooked pinto beans for tomorrow’s meal, sorted through and inventoried my candle box, did some bead sorting as well.

One of my favorite quiet

I am looking forward to…a possible visit this week from my twin sister.

A few plans for the remainder of the week…baking bread, hauling boxes of unnecessary items out to the barn for a spring sale
, washing up a bunch of old blue canning jars Coop recently got for me at an auction. I will use those not suitable for canning to store herbs.


  1. What a lovely thing to read

    I hope your Coop gets home to you soon too :)

    And, I absolutely love fingerless gloves.

  2. I love your daybook entry!




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