Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ohio Amish Country part 3 - the final episode

After leaving Kidron and heading further into Holmes county to Mt. Hope and beyond, we stopped by a bulk food store where I was able to purchase a couple beeswax tarts I will grate and use to make salves or balms. Although I didn't take a photo of the store, I couldn't help but photograph these beauties who were in the pasture at the edge of the parking lot out front of the store.

All our stops were in strictly rural areas as that's about all there is in Amish country. And on every road you saw the corn shocks gathered the Amish way. I love seeing these every fall. I had to snap these from the car, but you get the picture.

Our next stop was further south at Heini's Cheese. We got to sample every kind of cheese they make and let me tell you, that is near impossible as there are dozens and dozens. They also make fudge, so we sampled some of that as well.

We came out of Heini's with a log of smoked cheddar and a pound of Lebanon good.
Then across the road to this Amish bakery...

where we had coffee and some cookies. As I think I've mentioned, the Amish are more liberal in these parts than they are in my home area. Proof is in this gal driving the mower to haul her wagon of supplies. I even saw an Amish girl on a cell phone at one stop. But being in business, they are more worldly and these modern conveniences go hand in hand with that.

Here's just one side of the bread aisle. There were samples here as well. :)))

I wasn't about to buy this shirt, but sure had to take a picture of it. Not only is it funny in and of itself, but I find just as much humor in the fact that the Amish are the ones selling it. But, they are pretty savvy business folks around the area and a dollar is a dollar.

Our journey through the heartland was about over with the exception of a stop at a health food store that sold bulk goods and cheeses as well. A pound of colby and a half pound of pepper jack later, along with some herbal capsules we were back in the van and heading home.

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