Wednesday, October 1, 2008

some things just make ya proud

There stood my girls exercising their first amendment right in a small rally my daughter Kandice put together to oppose the bailout. You can click on the link below the photo to read the article if you like. Kandice said she experienced a lot of negative reactions from people as well as support. A man from the county court house congratulated her on making local seems this was the first demonstration to ever be held in the town of Marysville.

By KURT MOORE • The Marion Star • September 30, 2008

Kandice Thompson and Destiny Wilson, left, of Richwood, Chris Anderson, a Vietnam Veteran from Lancaster, and Angela Beaver, also from Richwood, protest the federal government’s proposed financial bailout at a rally in Marysville on Monday.

My grandaughter Destiny holding a copy of the Marysville Journal tribune from Tuesday. Pretty cool to make the front page of two local newspapers. (Hey Dee, I love the shirt you're wearing!)


  1. I am so lucky to have such an inspiring mother. ;-) We made two newspapers from two different counties. I'm proud of our efforts!

    Our small group of bipartisan, concerned citizens from Richwood to Lancaster, Ohio joined 42 other states to create over 250 emergency rallies/protests across the country to say 'Hell NO' to the $700 BILLION Bail Out.

    After the House and Congress Rejected the $700 Billion Bail Out, a few signs were changed in honor of the successful rallies across the country!!!

    After my interview for the article in the Marion Star newspaper, I felt justified asserting my 1st amendment right and letting my opinion be known. Regardless of our opinions, we need to use this right before it is stripped away.

    All and all it goes to show you that when the American people voice their opinions loud enough and stand up for what they believe in, we can get things done. Our voice as heard all across the country that day and it continues to grow as different newspapers have the courage to share the story.

    The Marysville Journal has since placed one of our photographs from the protest early on with an article about the 'Bail Out' on their website.

    If you're interested in reading the interview the Marion Star did with me about the protest and my opinions on the 'Bail Out', please visit

    Here is a thought on the subject while I am at it:
    According to the National Priorities Project, a nonprofit group that analyzes federal spending, here are some of the things that much money could pay for over a four-year period:

    # Healthcare for 51.6 million people.

    # Renewable electricity for 181.2 million homes.

    # Salaries for 2.9 million elementary school teachers.

    # Scholarships for 27 million university students...

    and the list goes on and on.

    Namaste my friends and please Do No Harm in ALL you do and fill your mind with conscious thinking.

    Kandice Thompson

  2. I couldn't agree more with Kandice......
    I am sorry their stance didn't result like most Americans were hoping! We are in for some dire times!


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