Friday, October 24, 2008

so much to share

Ya know, there are so many things I want to share with you here but I have always had a tendency to have a million things running through my brain that by the time I get to them they have taken a back seat to more immediate things or they’ve slipped my mind. I think my tendency to have so much going on in my head is why I strive (not always successfully I might add) to keep a sense of order in my home. I am often jotting down thoughts, ideas or inspirations to write about and share but then I often fail to remember where I’ve written them. Silly, since I have journals for that very reason! I need more structure in that department although many of my friends would say I’m anal enough. Yes, that is what they often call me. : ( But really, that’s not a bad thing. I have to be that way to a certain extent or my life would be like my thoughts, random and helter skelter.

For quite some time I have wanted to tell you about this cast iron cauldron I found over the summer at a yard sale. I was taken by it of course for several reasons, I could tell it was old and interesting, (I always say that’s why I married Coop, but I don’t think he appreciates that remark), it was cast iron and it was a cauldron. Tell me, have you ever known a witch that didn’t like cauldrons?

Anyhow, the man selling it told me it had belonged to his grandfather or maybe it was his great grandfather, not sure now. I was curious about the brass rod that had a ceramic bulb on the end. He explained to me that this was a dauber.

The cauldron was used to house oil and the dauber was to spread oil onto logs to light them or keep them burning. Obviously the man could tell I just loved his grandfather’s old oil kettle and he voluntarily knocked the price down for me. How could I resist? He even accepted a check since I didn’t have any cash left as I had just a couple of dollars with me and had already used that on a few other things he’d had for sale like the box of vintage sewing items I got for $2.

Then, there was the heart Coop noticed one day as he was munching on a fresh pear he’d just picked…

And the day Coop found the baby bunny in the yard, badly injured. He brought it in and I examined it and saw that its back leg was dangling and it was already in shock, so we set it back out to let nature take its course. Poor bunny.

And then there are the two hawk feathers that presented themselves to me last week as I walked the trail through the woods.

I’ve found four of these now since we’ve returned to the farm. According to Native American lore finding a hawk feather means that you are on the correct trail and you should continue in that direction. Considering the direction of my life that sounds like a good, sound message from my perspective.


  1. I love coming to your blog, you bring such life to your writings.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment on my made me feel much better about attempting what sometimes feels like the impossible (greening, simplifying, being frugal...renting!)I have wandered across and fallen madly in love with your blog so have added it to my following list so I can keep up with what goes on at your homestead.TC

  3. What very wonderful finds and gifts :) especially the little cauldron.

    And you know, there is a chance the bunny lived and was simply a visitor taking note of your kindness.

  4. Anne - thank you so much! I love to write and I'm so glad you enjoy them.

    Cam - you're so welcome. It's important to support and encourage one another. Whatever we are able to do in attempting to live this lifestyle matters, even if it doesn't seem like much to us. Thanks for your sweet words.

    Julie - it's so nice to see you! I agree, I love the cauldron and I so hope you are right about the bunny.

  5. This is a wonderful post. So full of special moments in time...I too have a bunch of 'vintage' sewing items, mine that've I've packed around all my years! Can't part with them!
    I love hearing about the hawk feather's find and it's meaning! That is perfect for you!


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