Friday, October 24, 2008

a hello to all & sharing links

It seems that 'From My Homestead' readers are on the rise so before I go any further I first want to say hello to my new followers and thank you to all my readers. I'm somewhat amazed by the number of people actually reading my blog and so I am also somewhat humbled and very much appreciative that all of you are reading and perhaps finding worth in my words. Thank you, and I mean that.

I want to recommend a few posts I've read very recently that I thought quite wonderful or helpful.

Visit Women not Dabbling in Normal to read Robbyn's (from The Back Forty) post 'what would Gramma do?' It's a wonderful read as she reminisces about her grandmothers lessons in making do.

If you are considering (or wishing for) a wood burning cook stove you do not want to miss Granny Miller's post on Cook Stove Basics.

And last of all, for a great synopsis on rechargeable batteries head on over to Planetary Verbosity.

This is why I so love cyberspace. There is such a wealth of information at our very fingertips to educate and enlighten us.

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