Wednesday, April 16, 2008

spring cleaning-green recipe cards

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If you’re like me now that spring has sprung, you’re anxious to either get rolling or get finished with the spring cleaning. In light of the cleaning season and Earth Day, I thought I would share these green cleaning recipe cards (pdf) from the David Suzuki Foundation. I love them and have printed off copies for myself. I plan on giving my neighbor a set, too, giving her no excuse to use toxic commercial cleaners that are so unhealthy for her and the environment. :)

Think reduce, reuse and recycle when clearing out the house, garage, etc. Consider offering your "stuff on Freecycle or Craigs List or donating it to local thrift stores, etc. Remember, there is no such place as "away" when we throw things out.

Happy cleaning to you and the planet!


  1. Yippee! Another green cleaner person! I LOVE green cleaning and (my favorite part) mixing up my own cleaning solutions.

    GREAT post!


  2. I am terribly anxious to get my spring cleaning going! (Yet I keep putting it off!) Thanks for the recipes - this will actually make it kind of fun ... like mixing new potions> =)

  3. Thanks Lacy and you're welcome CM. I'm anxious to get the spring cleaning done, too. Once I know the doors can be opened more often than not and the furnace won't be running much if at all, I will get seriously serious about my spring cleaning.


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