Sunday, April 20, 2008

Growing Challenge…goodbye winter!

I’ve kind of lost track of whether I’m up to date or not on my growing challenge reports, but regardless, here’s the latest…

Finally, the ground has become dry enough, the weather cooperative enough for us to get a little more serious in working towards our garden goals. This past week Coop tilled the compost under in preparation for planting.

He also surprised me by expanding the depth of the iris patch alongside our garage wall and resetting the stepping stone path that leads off the patio.

What would I do without the man?! I’m so fortunate to be with a partner who loves this kind of work. And I get such a big kick out of his child like pride when he completes a well done job. (Don’t tell him I said that!)

My babies are coming along. A few seeds here and there did not sprout, but enough other plantings brought up more than one per square so I’ll separate and transplant the tender young things before long. I planted a few leftover Hungarian pepper seeds from last year’s seed stock, but to no avail. Not a one came up. The story is the similar for the tomatillos. They were planted from seed purchased last year and I think one, possibly two have sprouted. :(

Here’s a shot of my growing place. Nothing fancy, but it works. Grow my babies, grow! There’s just a few more weeks til hardening off and planting time! Grow strong and tall and make mamma proud!

In related news, a package of 10 baby trees came from the Arbor Day Foundation in Friday’s mail delivery, plus a bonus lilac. Yay! I firmly believe one can never have too many trees or lilacs. There’s just not a lot any more splendid than the scent of lilacs and a big bouquet adorning the kitchen table or the coffee table, or better yet, both! Who can resist burying their nose in them when passing by? I for one can’t! Let’s not forget the peonies either. Another wonder-full gift the season brings. The other day I noticed their new growth coming up from the earth.

And finally, look who paid us a visit and finally allowed me a quick photo opportunity. Believe me, you just don’t know how many times the Eastern Bluebirds have evaded the camera.


  1. Good luck with the garden this year! In Colorado we have Western Bluebirds (duh). Beautiful blog.

  2. Suzan, thanks so much! I got my seedlings started later than I wanted so I'll take all the luck I can get! :)

  3. I have that very same bird feeder hook!!!

    Neat! Mine belonged to my grandparents and now it is in my yard. We love it! I sometimes hang a plant on one side and a bird feeder on the other side.




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