Sunday, April 27, 2008

it's all about pink

Anybody and everybody who knows me well knows I love pink...have since I was a wee child. One of my few toys was a pink bunny I called pinky. Not very original but hey, I was a little kid. It just seemed right. Anyhoo, over the years my one big "thing" was wanting a pink kitchen. For some reason, no matter where we lived I just never got around to making my kitchen pink. So, when we were planning our move back into this old house, I decided right then and there the kitchen was going to be pink. And so it was.

The quality of these photos is poor I know and they were taken prior to finishing the trim paint, but you get the's pink!
(Please ignore the litter box in the corner, lol! I absolutely have no other place for it.)

I bought a box full of assorted fabric at a thrift store a few months ago and fell in love with this one piece...wonderfully pink in nature. :) It was flowery but muted, like a watercolor painting. There was only a yard so it wasn't going to make curtains or even a table cloth. What oh what could I make? Today I figured it out!

Mamma needed a new apron!


  1. I just jumped over from The Back 40

    Wanted to say Hi and Nice Blog

    What a great apron. I am on the look out for a cool apron like that....


  2. Ok, I'm loving that apron!

    I hope you don't mind...I included you on my blog's most recent blogroll...I really enjoy your blog :)

  3. Hello TBB and Robybyn-

    thanks for stopping by! I am thinking of making a few of these aprons in various prints and offering them in my etsy store, so be sure to stay tuned.

    Of course I don't mind being included in your blogroll. I am always surprised and honored when I find someone thinks my blog worthy!
    Thank you!!

  4. Love the Apron! Also wanted to Thank you for sharing the story of your Parents in early post I enjoyed reading it. I also included you on my blogroll. On my way now to check out your auctions.
    Thanks again for sharing.


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