Tuesday, April 22, 2008

earth day 2008

Earth Day Everyday
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Can you hear?

Look around...

Can you see?


can you taste her fragrance?

She is speaking...

will you listen...

...listen and remember?

At long last I have come to know you again, my friend.
I knew you when I was small. I remember...
I cupped your cool earth in my hands, digging holes and making mud pies.
I knew the subtleness of your breath on my skin as I lay
under the stars, holding fireflies in the dark.

When did we drift
apart, you and I?
As I was growing up I think.
Wasn't it then that
I pulled away, forgetting you, thinking life was all about me?
Was it then that I stopped
noticing you and began taking from you with not a thought of appreciation or giving back.

Thank you for bringing me back,
slowing me down,
teaching me,
forgiving me.
Now I will teach my children's children to love and
honor you, to never forget you.
Perhaps they will do a better job
perhaps they will live in closer harmony with you
throughout their lives.
Perhaps they will take less and give more and
strengthen your resources
for a generation to come.

©S. Cooper (earth heart)


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