Saturday, April 5, 2008

growing challenge 4-5-08 ...and then there were plants!

Tomato, tomatillo and pepper seeds were planted 3-31-08. Yesterday a half dozen or more Brandywine tomatoes had popped up. Today I noticed a couple purple russian, duggin white (substitutes for the white tomesol ordered) and a couple tomatillos had joined the party. Yay!

The timing of the planting gives me just 8 to 8 1/2 weeks until planting time, so these little ones need to grow well and strong. I have them upstairs in a small greenhouse, with just one plant light hanging above. I have been alternating them daily so that all can have their fair share of the light. I also have a small space heater on low inside the green house so they keep warm. Our Ohio weather is still quite cool, so this was necessary since I don't heat the upstairs. Once the days grow warmer and the sun is present more often, they will get light from both the south and west windows as well.

When I see the first seedlings sprout in the spring I feel a sense of wonder and hope. This new life will bring us an abundance of sustenance and so, on a daily basis I talk to my plant friends. I tell them how wonderful and marvelous they are and most of all I thank them for the gifts they will bring to us.

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  1. Awesome seed babies! Today was the first day here that truly felt like Spring - so I'm totally in a gardening mood. I have a few sprouts up in the garden out on our deck here in the city, but just a few. I do share your sentiment - I always marvel at the plants coming up and growing into big beautiful greens every year. Enjoy the seedlings!


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