Sunday, April 6, 2008

bartering boy

What do you get for a box of concrete nails and a variety of kerosene heater wicks, neither of any use to us?

Well, if you're my husband who comes home from auctions with things like that, you barter.

Such was the case yesterday when my dear boy took those items mentioned over to the Amish store a few miles from here. For his initial $9 auction investment he came home with a present for me (something I had been wanting) and a $10 greenback. Not a bad deal. He got his money back and I got an oil lamp...and it's a nice big, heavy one, worth more than the initial investment alone! Guess I better quit bitchin' when the boy comes home with "stuff", eh?


  1. Hi! That was an awesome "barter! I am looking high and low for oil lamps just like that one (well, heavy duty, meant to be used). Good for him!


  2. good for him! (and you!)
    i love the barter system!


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