Sunday, April 6, 2008

ducks in a row

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day so I decided to get outside a bit, camera in hand. Our three muscovy ducks, Bruce, Thelma and Uno were hanging out in the front yard. As you can see, Thelma and Bruce are napping.

Uno, the dark one, is last years baby brought to you by Bruce and Thelma. He is now bigger than daddy Bruce and less easily intimidated. He has no fear and will walk right up to you, neck protruding, hissing, sure of the fact that his efforts will keep you away from his family. Very bossy, that is until I bend down to his level and hiss back, arms flapping like a lunatic to let him know who the real boss is Bruce, the daddy
and Lady Thelma, the mama muscovy

and this is Uno

I call them our Elvis ducks because when on alert or wary, they raise their head feathers up giving them an Elvis like "do". In fact, I should have named this guy Elvis because he really does think he's the king.

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