Wednesday, February 6, 2008

wet wednesay

All the storm activity the past two days has caused the creek (as seen my kitchen window, so you'll have to excuse the clotheslines. ) to rise and churn . I'm glad we are on high ground. Last night brought some seriously loud thunder booms that rattled this old house. In the midst of yesterdays work, we happened to be upstairs and noticed a damp spot on one interior wall. Not a good sign, but certainly glad we happened to be up there and take notice.

As to what we were doing...Coop put up some shelves for my studio. Right now I have all my sewing and crafting supplies stored in the small room. Over the next few week or months, whichever the case may be, my plan is to move my crafty stuff into the lager room. The windows in there face south and west, giving me much more daylight, not to mention the fact that it's a much larger room. Lots of space to set up a table, my ironing board, etc.

The seed order is nearing completion. Aside from some herbs and and maybe a packet or two of flower seeds, my garden seed order is in order. I hope to finish that up today.

Yesterday was a busy one. I didn't especially intend for it to turn out that way, but as you know, one thing often leads to another. So, the matter of cleaning the dust bunnies out from under the bed turned into a complete bedroom cleaning and organizational project. Curtains came down and got washed, the mattress got turned and the new chocolate colored sateen sheets went on the bed, even a book self unit (that crowded the room) was removed. When all finished I was very satisfied and acutely realized just how much better the energy of our bedroom felt.

I have been focused on the house the past few days and haven't even picked up a crochet hook or project of any kind. I think it is the warmer temps (despite the cloudiness) inspiring me to clean, so am off to sweep the remaining rooms.

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  1. Ditto up here in the city - haven't touched a piece of yarn because I have been doing house stuff. Oddly, water related too. The rains here were not too fierce, but the temp is way up - mid-sixties in the middle of February! Weird. Congrats on your new crafts area!


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