Saturday, February 2, 2008

Friday night accessory modeling

So, daughter Kandie and her hubby Tom came by tonight on the way from dropping Destiny at her dad's for the weekend. This time I remembered to take advantage of her presence by having her model some of my creations for my etsy shop. I didn't even have to bribe her, lol!
Her younger hands photograph so much nicer than mine.

...and she wears the hat so well....
and here she is without a head at all, just a chin...
She was such a good sport....little does she know that the next time I'll be having her model shawls. :)


  1. Great stuff - I *adore* that hat! You seem to be getting so much work done on your items! (I should be ashamed of myself.)

  2. Thank you! Appreciate the feedback. Actually, that hat was made some time ago...just now getting a photo up.

    I do tend to crochet most evenings during the winter months, but once Spring arrives I'll be putting it aside to tend more immediate projects and spending my time outdoors. To everything a season.

  3. I don't mind modeling at all. ;-) I'll take my pay in handmade goods. (giggles) But then you already give me so much. I love them all!!!!

  4. Love that hat! I came by reading posts on the simple life. I have just started some crochet and a hat like yours is going on my to-do list. Thanks.

  5. Thanks for stopping by! So glad you liked the hat, too. Happy crocheting!


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