Thursday, February 28, 2008

garden talk-the growing challenge

Fresh, ripe, juicy tomatoes are just about my favorite thing from the garden. For big, luscious slicing tomatoes to eat fresh I love Brandywine the best. Who doesn’t? They have the old fashioned flavor I remember from childhood. Rarely a summer meal is served without a plate full of Brandywine slices or wedges being set on the table.

This spring I will be trying a couple new varieties from rareseeds. I thought it would be fun to grow some truly unique tomatoes. For instance White Tomesol and Green Sausage.

Another summer favorite of ours is squash. This spring’s newest addition to the garden in the summer squash realm will be Lemon Squash, a the shape, size and color of, you guessed, a lemon!

Last season we raised Swiss chard and beets. This year I’ve decided instead of taking up garden space planting chard I will add more rows of beets. Beets serve a duel purpose. Not only do we get to eat the root, (yum!) but the tops are just as tasty as chard. I really can’t tell much, if any difference, which makes sense as chard is a member of the beet family.

That’s my weekly post in relation to the growing challenge. More garden talk to come in the weeks ahead.

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  1. I love fresh tomatoes! I grew some last year downstate in the city (we have a big deck), but (predictably), the squirrels ate half of them. Frustrating. =(

    I bought some seeds last year that never got in the ground. Some zuchinni and tomatoes and such. I'm thinking of planting them at the rural house. Maybe with me being there every few weeks, they'll be okay. Our water table is *very* high, so maybe that will help. Gonna try it.

    I always enjoy your gardening entries!


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