Friday, February 29, 2008

for your consideration

My daughter and I have a grocery exchange thingy going on. Because she has to make the 80 mile trip up every other weekend for my granddaughter’s scheduled visitation with her dad, we manage to make the trip more functional. Since she has a Whole Foods Market close by and I don’t and since I have Amish nearby and she doesn’t, we both are able to have access to the items we want and normally wouldn’t be able to get. I provide her with homemade butter, raw milk and free range eggs for instance, from the Amish. She brings me fair trade coffee, nuts, and necessary bulk items. It’s all good!

I think it wound be a wise practice for all of us to consider our neighbors and friends when we are making a trip somewhere. You know, just a quick call to a person to see if they need anything while you are out. Say I’m going to town for whatever reason. How hard would it be for me to call my neighbor and say, “Hey, can I pick up anything for you while I’m out?”

If we all did this, not only would it lessen the carbon footprint, but it would be doing a simple, thoughtful act for another...rippling out a little positive energy into the universe. It’s win-win any way you look at it. Now I imagine there are those who might not want to bother with this because they think they don’t have the time. Truth is, we need to stop all that hustle and bustle BS and just slow ourselves down a bit anyhow, so consider that just one more reason to start practicing this little act. It’s good for the planet, good for connecting with our neighbors, good practice for thinking outside our selves and just plain good for the soul, no matter how you slice it. :)


  1. I think we should just have the Jehovah's Witnesses deliver these things.

  2. This story is hysterical - I know I shouldn't, but I always find people freaking out over the small stuff really funny, especially when they are clueless. (And being that I live most of the time in the foul-mouth capital of the US, I thought this was priceless!) Thanks for posting. That was quite a day! WHo needs TV?


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