Wednesday, February 27, 2008

oh my goddess!

Meet the girls I have been working with. The two items in front, "Gaia in Repose" and the pendant were made a few years ago. I just recently decided to glaze them. The "Daughter of the Moon" plaque is a very recent creation, my first attempt at getting back into practice playing with the clay.

I used to make a lot of sculpted beings I called "metamorphs". They were figures that depicted aspects of the human spirit. I was often commissioned for special orders which were accomplished by using my intuitive abilities to tap into the customers spirit. It was a meditative process with very accurate results. Every commissioned piece was a no obligation, no money up front deal to reassure the customer and to protect me just in case my intuition was way off. The amazing thing is, it never was. Everyone was happy. Each metamorph would come with an exclusive poem I wrote to resonate with the spirit of the piece. Sometimes the poem came first, sometimes the sculpture. Each one was unique and significant. Many were done on a stone base and some had crystals or stones added for their significance. For a few years metamorphs were sent all over the country as well as places like Japan and England.

But then life changed, we moved and I was ill for some time after which my life got busy in the business of moving again and the...again. I just never got back to working with the clay much. In that time I got interested in jewelry making and proceeded with that. But every now and then the spirit of the metamorphs would whisper in my ear and I would think about getting back to them. Whether I dive back in completely or not is still in question, but for now I'm at least dabbling.

So, since I'm on the subject I thought I'd share a few pieces from the past.

Hide n Seek resides in Minnesota and was about how we often
are searching outside ourselves for meaning when we do wiser to look within.

Integration resides in Florida and is pretty self explanatory...about balance, peace,love.

to the left Peace Guy, who, as of now belongs to me.

Below is Sleeping Beauty, about self love and recognition and awakening that spirit within yourself. She resides in Maryland.

I would have liked to have shared a few more, but being they were taken with an old mavica, some just showed up far too choppy.

Anyhow, now you know what a metamorph is.

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  1. I am so glad you are creating Morphs again! I love the ones we have here at home! THe newest one reminds me of me a little bit with her being slim and free spirited, while connecting with the moon. I just love it!

    They are always so special and unique. Glad you took a picture and shared this one!


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