Tuesday, February 26, 2008

from my kitchen window

This is what we are privy to view on a regular basis here. As a habit it seems I’m often encumbered by Coop’s presence at my sink when I am trying to cook or clean up the kitchen. But then, I often find myself standing there alongside him, appreciating the view.


  1. You just gave me an excellent idea! I need to put up a bird feeder before I do anything! The heck with walls and electricity! I want a bird feeder!

    Looks like you get some really interesting birds at your place. I guess it's close enough to the season that you're seeing them again? Or do yours hang around all year. Sometimes that happens, I hear.

  2. Looking out your kitchen window is one of my favorite things to do as well while I am in the house. I like standing there with dad looking for deer or at the different array of birds stopping by for a snack.

    I find it comforting and memorable. :-)

    Love ya!

  3. Hey there city mouse, Yes, a bird feeder for sure! We hang suet for the woodpeckers and sunflower seed for the others. We avoid seed mixes with corn because that seems to attract the parasitic birds like cowbirds and starlings. We keep two suet cages here, one hanging and one ready to hang. This makes it easier to switch them, which is often in winter as they will go through a suet cake in a couple of days sometimes.

    Our bird visitors hang around all year. However, we don't feed them much in warm months as to encourage their natural foraging. We are visited continually by Downy, Hairy and red bellied woodpeckers as well as chickadees, titmice, nuthatch, junkos, cardinals, sparrows, yellow and purple finch and the occasional presence of eastern bluebirds. There are others form time to time, (northern flicker, cedar waxwing) but those previously mentioned are the regulars. Come May we will fill the hummingbird feeders that hang on the front porch and enjoy their antics into the Fall.

  4. Kandice, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. :)


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