Friday, August 24, 2012

my morning table

i love cats.  simple fact.  and i have never allowed my cat(s) to be on the table or counters. with my mister and his precious, namely furby, has changed my outlook. you see, furby is with mark 99% of the time.  (i could be jealous if i were the jealous type)  she is a needy little one and at near 14 years of age, he caters to her every whim.  (actually, i think he's always catered to her whims, thus she is the way she is.  read that, spoiled!) her whims include being held at and allowed on the dining table.  now i for one never would have allowed this in the first place, but sometimes my soft spot gets the best of me and what can i say after after all?  he's been allowing this for years.  in this case, anyhow, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  now oden, my feline familiar, did not have permission to be a table cat.  well, until recently anyhow.  (really, he only wants to look out the window)  seeing as how it was ok for furby to rest on the table, it seemed only fair to our other "child" to allow the same.  now i know to some people this might seem disgusting, particularly because when a critter is laying on the table they have their butt on the table.  but rest assured, i clean my table regularly.  and oden is very aware that this is a privilege and still knows the counter tops are off limits...except of course when i am not looking. 

so, this is our morning table with all the necessary accompaniments, coffee, water, reading material, etc.  oh yeah, and critters.



  1. LOL--I have a housefull of cats and dogs, and they pretty much do whatever they want to. I don't find any of this disgusting, but I guess some do. Oh well. Like I tell people--these guys LIVE here--you are just a visitor.

  2. yep, they are part of the family, our kids more or less. gotta love 'em. critters rule here, too, as you can tell. i guess i wouldn't have it any other way. :)


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