Monday, August 6, 2012

counting heads

how many of you are still out there?  i am asking because i have finally gotten to a place where i feel like writing again.  it's taken awhile and i have promised on several occasions that i would begin and then i didn't.   so much has changed in my life and probably yours as well.  for those of you unaware, i was an avid blogger about the simple life for some time.  then, unexpectedly in feb of 2009, just after our anniversary, my husband died.  life got really crazy for awhile and now, well let's say, it's a whole lot different.  i am with a new love, a fact which has alienated members of my family.  lots of reasons, none valid.  i am no longer in the country and homesteading these days because i'm simply not able to.  i was so very dependent on my husband's contribution to that lifestyle, plus my disabilities now prevent me from being as active as i once was.  amazing how a few short years (or just a day) can change ones life.  but change it has. 

so...i guess the question i would like answered is this, is anyone still interested in the ramblings of a woman who has managed to carry on after several devastating years and now wants to write again?  if you are reading these words your comments would be greatly appreciated.  i believe i still have something to share with my readers.  and i miss you.


  1. I am very sorry for your loss. I certainly encourage you to keep writing, and I am happy for you that you found a new love!

  2. HI sweetheart...I kept dropping by, hoping you'd find your way back and now here you are! I am always heartened to hear what you have to say, and have enjoyed reading your blog since...back whenever it was I first found you.

    Life and people change. The world changes. There are an awful lot of things that we have no control over. We love, we lose, we love again. There is great hope to be found in that.

    Seeing that you are playing with your beads again is fantastic. I'm glad you finally have a little home where you can laugh and play and love. It doesn't matter WHERE we only matters what we do with it.

    Again--welcome back.

    1. awww annie, thank you bunches for your words. felt like a hug from an old friend. thank you a million times. (big hug)


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