Sunday, August 12, 2012

let the creativity begin

ever since coop died and my daughter disowned me i have a real hard time whenever it gets near my birthday.  so today, despite starting the day in tears and depression, i set out to be somewhat productive.  i know from experience that the worst thing i can do when depression rears it's not so pretty head, is to get off my ass and do something.

i moved this, that and the other thing and finally became satisfied with the arrangement i had in the corner of our basement.  now i finally have my very own space where i can play with my beads and clay! 

 the wicker screen not only hides a storage area but provides a place to hang some of my creations.
the vintage stereo/record cabinet on the right makes a nice storage unit.  the wall above my art table is naked for now but i imagine that will eventually change.

 oden likes it a lot, too!

i love that the pegboard was already there making the perfect place to hang tools, wire and boards.

not a bad days work all things considered.  odd isn't it that the depression was my motivation?  just goes to show that a day doesn't have to end the way it began.



  1. So neat and organized! "Build it and they (the Muses in this case) with come..."
    Happy Birthday! Rejoice!!

    1. thank you, thank you! i love the field of dreams reference. :)
      and i thank you so much for your comments and encouragement. you're a dear one.


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