Friday, August 17, 2012

a most blessed day

 you are the living earth
(copyright r. mark chadwick 2012)

a spirit breath of


a vibrant rain of


you gather stars
and gift them

monday was my 57th birthday and what a nice one.  i awoke to a lovely, romantic  birthday card from mark with this handwritten poem inside.  mark has made it tradition on special days to present me with a poem he's written especially for me.  he truly is a romantic guy and words are his gift. 

more surprises came my way throughout the day.  when he came back from picking up the mail he surprised me with these, remembering i loved sunflowers.

later in the day we went for lunch.  when we returned we checked the mailbox at the house and inside was an envelop from "the boys", my three grandsons luke, mike and nick.  inside i found a variety of notepads (because g-ma is a list maker :) and three most wonderful handmade birthday cards. the fact that they were on pink paper did not allude me.  luke, the oldest (11) remembered his grandma's favorite color.   :)

and just in case there is any doubt about who the best "gandma" is, mike has made it clear.  :)

so a big thank you to my wonderful, sweet man mark and my awesome offspring.  you may not know how much your thoughtfulness means to me but it meant the world.  i love you all!

i find it hard to believe i am nearing 60 years of age.  they (whoever they are) say you're only as old as you feel.  my body feels it but the mind says different.  without a doubt i feel i've matured in wisdom over the years, but there is and always will be a kid in me.  sure, i can't  do all the things i used to do and a lot of things i'd love to do due to physical limitations, yet inside this aging woman of routine and limitations lives the free spirit of a child.


  1. awww..that is so sweet! happy belated birthday!

    1. thanks laura. i really appreciate your taking the time to wish me a happy b-day. be blessed. :)

  2. Happy Birthday!!

    I know what you mean...I'm always shocked to realize I'm creeping up on 60 (January6th). It's surreal, somehow.

    Sounds like you had a marvelous day...I'm glad!


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