Saturday, August 11, 2012

just keep swimming, swimming

homestead heart blog used to be all about simple living, sustainability and homesteading.  i have changed the subheading because while i'll always have a homestead heart and  hold that lifestyle near and dear to me and adhere to the philosophy and principals i've always had, i no longer homestead or live in the country.  now i reside in  a neighborhood on the outskirts of small town, ohio. my heart will always be in the country, that is for sure.  but with life changes, age and physical limitations, i am where i need to be for now. 

as a commenter said in my last post, i am surfacing like dory in "finding nemo" who chanted, "just keep swimming, swimming.".  that is a good feeling.  when mark and i moved into this house from the apartment we were in i felt like i was getting back a little piece of myself.  just to be able to have some space around me, a nice back yard with trees, birds, squirrels, living things...that was priceless.  now i have a kitchen worthy of working in.  what a blessing!  i still love to cook and will no doubt be sharing recipes as i have in the past.  mostly i just want a place to be me, to assist in the reclaiming of myself.  i no longer want this blog to be one thing, but all things that matter to me.  maybe that's what it was before?  either way, it will be whatever i make it.  :)


  1. You can still be a homesteader in town! I'm trying to be, but they don't, alas, allow chickens! You can read my blog, Organic Mothering, which has some posts on the subject. Glad to see you up and swimming!

  2. thanks, you are right. i am making plans for next year and hope to have some raised beds to work with in the spring. also, i will be following your blog. very nice.


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