Monday, July 7, 2008

weekend recap

Friday was like any other day as we had made no plans for the holiday itself, other than to travel to our daughter’s house on Sat. Since the weather was finally cooperative with no rain and little wind, I suggested a camp fire for the evening. Nothing special, just the two of us and maybe a few marshmallows. My twin sis called later and mentioned that she and her husband might be stopping out later in the evening. I mentioned a camp fire. She mentioned leftover potato salad. I mentioned baked beans and the next thing you know the four of us had a somewhat impromptu but very enjoyable evening together around the fire.

Saturday morning found me cleaning about three quarts of raspberries Coop had picked the day before.

These went into the freezer. Saturday afternoon we went to our daughters for a cookout and fireworks. It’s a long drive for us, one we seldom make these days because of the fuel price, but I was anxious to see my children and grandchildren and spend a leisurely day with family and friends. And that is exactly what we did. Coop decided to pick sour cherries while there, which I turned into pies on Sunday morning while Coop was out gathering more raspberries.

These I cleaned and put in the fridge to keep until this morning when I turned them into nine beautiful jars of jam. I believe I’m about jammed out now having made cherry, raspberry, strawberry, banana, and strawberry-banana.

Now that we have gone through strawberry season and most of the cherry season we are now into full blown raspberry season with black berry season soon to follow. After that, elderberries will be ready in August. Another week or two and zucchinis should be coming on strong. We picked our first one today, a nice 8” squash.

The tomato plants appear to be producing a good yield and I can hardly wait for a fully ripe home grown tomato!

All is in perfect order and the summer is already keeping me busy.


  1. Banana Jam?!?! I have never heard of that. But it sounds yummy.

    I have made strawberry Jam, Grape Jelly and Orange Juice Jelly. The Grape and the Orange Juice jelly were made from fruit juice and concentrate. Really good!

  2. I love reading your posts. So calm and purposeful and completely doing what you want to do. Good on you. I'm jealous of you for those piles of cherries!

    We've been picking squash and cucumbers for a couple weeks now, and digging potatoes. But my beans? The deer got most of them and I'm furious. I need the beans this year because I'm almost out in the cellar. Reckon we'll eat more deer this year! I get even.

  3. Carolyn - banana jam is quite yummy! If you're interested my recipe can be found at
    I think orange juice jelly sounds so good!

    Granny Sue - Aw, thanks. I'm delighted you enjoy my posts.

    The deer got into our beans, also, but fortunately only ate the center of a row. This happened early enough we were able to plant extra to compensate. Those darn deer! Venison is good, with or without the beans, eh? :)


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