Wednesday, July 9, 2008

puffballs & wild turkeys

Here in the country one never knows what they might see walking up the road. Could be a deer, a fox, a pheasant, a coyote or maybe wild turkeys. These two turkey hens had youngsters hiding in the ditch across the road, some of which flew off when they saw me step out to get photos. I tried getting a shot of one or two in flight and didn't realize I had until I uploaded them.

Now, about puffballs. They are very fascinating things. I had never actually see one before, let alone tasted one...well, that is until the other day when Coop came up from the old barn bank with this one.

That baby was freakin' huge!

When I cut into it it was the texture and consistency of angel food cake, but... still tasted like a mushroom.


  1. That puffball is HUGE! I have never heard of them. But they look Yummy.

    My Mom had a pecock in her yard yesterday.... and she live in

  2. Happy I could stop by - my neighbor ended up having wireless access!

    The puff is gigantic and looks delicious! A friend of mine once swerved to miss a wild turkey and it didn't work out. The irony? She was going to the market to buy an organic turjey for a dinner. I told her, "You should have pulled over - you already had one!"

  3. I've never seen a puffball larger than a grapefruit. Great photos.

  4. I've been reading your blog for awhile , I think I found you via Rhonda at Down To Earth. Anyway justed wanted to let you know I enjoy reading about your homestead , herbal info and other happenings.

    Those are great pics of the wild turkeys. We had a tom and a few hens in our driveway a few years ago , tried to get a pic but only caught the tailend of them flying away.

    I've always wanted to try wild mushrooms. It looks delicious , frying up in that pan.

    ~ Blessings ~ JoyceAnn

  5. Carolyn - That is weird. I have noticed several people I know lately spotting peacocks. I've begun to wonder if they have gotten into the wild and survived and now are showing up sporadically.

    City Mouse- Hey, I've been keeping up with your blog and pre-cabin preparations. How exciting! As for wild turkeys, we see quite a few around here and close by which I guess is obvious. If times get too lean you know what we''ll be having for dinner, lol!

    Robert - Thanks for stopping by! I had never seen anything like that puffball, not even a small one.

    Hi Joyceann and welcome. It's always a pleasure to learn who is reading your blog. I checked out your profile and blog and concluded we seem an awfully lot alike. :)

    The puffball was not quite as tasty as a regular mushroom, but I am not a mushroom lover either. I tasted it but hubby ate up what I cooked. I do like the wild morels though.

  6. Wow, I've never seen one of those!


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