Friday, July 18, 2008

6 things

Granny Sue has tagged me to write six things about myself that others may not know. I'm not that interesting, so this may be tough but here goes...

  1. As an animal lover I always thought I'd like to work as a veterinarian's assistant or in some animal care position. Although I never so did professionally I have ended up taking in and caring for many animals in my lifetime. Among other things I have even sat up in the wee hours of morning with a distressed dog or cat, helping them deliver their young, breaking amniotic sacks and encouraging their nurturing instincts when they were at a loss as to what to do naturally.
  2. I worked for eleven years in an auto body supply business and am trained and certified in auto body paint, materials and safety and I know how to handle a paint gun…woo hoo! (And I'm glad to be out of that line of work!)
  3. I left school in the tenth grade and since then have never resumed any formal education although academic tests have revealed my equivalence to one who is college educated. I was never ambitious about having a career so a diploma never felt necessary. I consider life experience the best teacher. Aside from the previously mentioned interest in animal care and despite having various jobs through the years I have never wanted more than to be a stay at home woman tending to domestic duties and being creative.
  4. In my late 40's I decided to get a tattoo of a blue phoenix on my inner left lower arm. I love it. At nearly 50 on a whim I decided to get my right eyebrow pierced...just because I could. : ) Silliness maybe, but I don't regret either decision.
  5. I've always had an interest in natural methods of healing and well being. This led me to consider studying Reiki, an ancient mode of energy healing. Just last year I took my interest further and went from level two Reiki to being certified as a Reiki master.
  6. For me, having order in my life is necessary. On those rare occasions when I feel I have it all together within and without I feel wonderful sense of serenity. As noted, these occasions are rare since more often than not I find it difficult to quell my thoughts, imagination, creativity...not that I'd ever want to completely or permanently, but I think it would be nice if I had a little kill switch to use when plagued with excessive thinking


  1. Great Tattoo!! It was nice to see your face too :)

    What are you canning/cooking this week??

  2. Wow! A tattoo AND a pierced eyebrow! Wonderful.

    Your mention of 10th-grade education is interesting. My husband is the same--he had to work to help his family, then joined the Marines and went to Vietnam, sending his earnings to his parents. Now he can get a diploma because he served during wartime.

    I quit school too, Eartheart, during my senior year. My pursuit of a masters degree in later life was only to keep employed and get a good paycheck. Like you, I think there are many ways to be fulfilled and happy in this world.

  3. Hi Carolyn - Thanks! To answer your question, the garden is coming right along so I canned beets last night and am cooking green beans and zucchini this week.

    Granny Sue - Thanks for your positive comment on the tattoo and piercing. I actually surprised myself by getting them.

    I got pregnant after leaving school and from then on I worked and took care of my son and my parents, in particular my mom, from that point until I moved out at age 23, after my dad retired. It was a lot of responsibility early on, but you do what you have to.

  4. Okay, you are just super cool. End of story!

  5. The Cabana Banana Jam Post is up on my Blog today!

  6. City mouse - you crack me up! Thanks!

    Carolyn - thanks for the link! Great tutorial, too! Again, I'm so glad you enjoyed the recipe.

  7. Great answers...
    I got my first tattoo at age 39,I'm 41 now, and I want my nose pierced... and I want more tattoos!

  8. Hi Anita - thanks for saying hello. I could go for another tattoo myself. To me it's about self expression and appreciating art in all its forms. I love 'em!


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