Thursday, July 3, 2008

very cherry week

Monday began with this,
Then Tuesday came this...

After which came this...

then this,

oh yeah, and this.


  1. OOOOooo...looks so goooood! And I like your attitude and views!

  2. Wow, those cherries really did you in ... that's a heck of a bruise, LOL. Seriously though ... I covet your cherry pitter.

  3. Hello wow factor, thanks for the stopping in and offering a comment. Much appreciated! Btw, the cobbler was most excellent!

    city mouse, lol, you are too funny. I wish I could say that pitter was mine, but alas, I had to borrow it from my neighbor, so actually we're both coveting it, lol! Thankfully she had one, because I can't even imagine pitting all 7 gal. of cherries by hand! I'd still be at it!

  4. I have a few minutes to sit back and enjoy reading past post..the ones I've missed! Your cherry harvest is gorgeous, and only made more wonderful by all those cats whose pics I've seen in your other posts!


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