Tuesday, July 29, 2008

all in one catching up post

Just for pretty, the Morning Glories in quite naturally all their morning glory!

I miss coming to my computer and posting on a more daily basis but life has a way of keeping us busy, especially now. The garden is coming along quite beautifully. Cherokee Purple tomatoes as well as the Amish Paste are just beginning to ripen. The Hungarian hot peppers are coming along well and we have been enjoying the zucchini nearly every day as well as giving some away to family and friends. These along with green beans and peas are all part of our daily fare right now. I do love shopping from my garden!

Zucchini, peppers, Amish paste tomatoes and those lovely Cherokee Purple tomatoes take center stage on my kitchen table until I prepare them fro eating. The summer squash are from my daughters garden!

Even the ground cherries are ripening.

Today the laundry has been caught up, the makings of yogurt are under way, the cream turned into butter, spaghetti sauce has been cooked for tonights dinner...
and fresh zucchini sliced and under salt water for pickle making this afternoon.
With the garden producing and vegetables in abundance it' has been days since I have taken any meat from the freezer to include with a meal.

Coop has been working on repairing the side wall to our outside cellar steps. This is an old, old house with a stone wall cellar. The years we were away it was left in neglect for a good part. The outside cellar steps had been unused for the most part and had become overgrown with vegetation. DH cleaned them up and made them usable again. The newly repaired side wall he is constructing with concrete will help keep things out such as vegetation and snakes making me feel a little better about using the stairway when I haul the laundry out to the line. No more hauling heavy wash loads upstairs and through the kitchen, the garage and around back to the clothesline. Yippee! What on earth would I do without that guy? I know I'd work a whole lot harden than I do, that's what!

Last week I made 3 quarts of refrigerator pickles. (I will be sharing that recipe with you very soon.) This has been a tradition with me for a good many years. Although I do canned pickles, also, these are so nice and easy to make and are such a great accompaniment to summer time meals, not to mention a handy and very tasty take along for picnicking. They always get rave reviews and eaten up.

And last of all for those who, like me wash and reuse plastic bags, a simple but effective solution to drying. Mind you, I had been eyeballing those ready made bag drying racks but who wants to spend $12 - $15 on one when a quart jar and few dowel rods work equally as well. Same principal!

Have a great remainder of your week. I will get back with that pickle recipe and a follow up to the tale of two tanks very soon.

Peace, love and homegrown veggies! :)


  1. Thanks for the idea for a bag dryer! I was just looking around to buy one the other day, but I balked at the outrageous prices. This I can do. Thanks for being an inspiration and my mentor. :)

  2. I have an organic bag dryer...an aloe vera plant at the kitchen sink..it comes in handy and always has a bag or two hanging from it...hehe. Cute rack.

  3. Princess Jenni - I'm so glad I can be of help and very thankful to those I can inspire and mentor.

    sue - ah yes, I do recall that all natural bag dryer of yours! Hey, it works!

  4. Wow. You have been busy!! Everything looks real good. I think we have another 1 or 2 weeks and we will be in full swing with our garden.


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