Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How Our Garden Grows

Looking down the length of our main garden

Hungarian Hot Pepper

Cherokee Purple Tomato

South end of main garden - Cherokee Purple tomatoes, green beans (minus what the deer ate), peas, acorn squash, spinach, snow peas, Brandywine tomatoes. A little section on the far right of the brandywines is home to green onions, ground cherries and sunflowers. On the north end (sorry no pic) we have zucchini, golden peppers, green peppers, Hungarian hots, jalapeƱos, hot block peppers and Amish paste tomatoes.

Ground Cherries



  1. wow! i wish my garden had taken off this year. i lost everything to bugs except for a few tomatos.

  2. WOW! Your garden is awesome! You might want to change your terminology - that there's a mini-Farm! It really looks terrific - and the plants look they are doing so nicely.

  3. Just surfin' the Blogs and found you! I wanted to say Hi and Nice Blog. We have similar interests. I added you to my favorites. I hope you can vist my Blog when you have time.


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