Monday, September 29, 2008

the times we live in

Despite living a simple, frugal lifestyle and budgeting carefully, I've really felt the effects of a more limited budget the past couple of months. (I'll be posting more on this subject soon.)
In an effort to attract some added income I've become an affiliate for Mountain Rose Herbs. I chose this company because of their strong emphasis on sustainable agriculture and overall commitment to the environment, the reason Mountain Rose Herbs has been my supplier for organic herbs and supplies for the past several years. Their prices are some of the best as well. So you see, I have a lot of reasons for choosing to become an affiliate. The bottom line is, I love Mountain Rose and hope you will consider them for your herbs, spices, teas and other quality items. Please use one of the enclosed links or the sidebar link on my blog site to visit Mountain Rose Herbs and while there be sure to read their guiding principles. We need more caring companies like this! I hope you'll support them for your needs. In the process you'll be helping me out as well and for that a seriously huge thank you from my homestead heart.

As well as the aforementioned items, MRH carries natural health and body care products, carrier oils and bulk supplies as well as essential oils, aromatherapy products and gifts for the home and garden. Their list of herbs and spices is extensive and their customer service fabulous. I know!

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c


  1. I was looking for a someone to buy my herbs and supplements from! I just placed an order!

    I hope you will remember me and my affiliation with Spring Hill Nursery and Gurney's Seed Company when it comes time to order for you Gardening needs!


  2. Thanks so much Carolyn! I really appreciate it! I will be sure to check out your affiliates as well.


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