Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm on a mission and I can't be stopped

I’ve been on a kick for a week now, sorting, organizing and trying my best to arrange my home in a more orderly fashion. I think it’s because throughout the past two months I’ve been a tad bit overwhelmed with clutter while canning. Now that’s behind me I seem to be on a mission to streamline things…well, as best I can. And when I say I am done with canning this time, I really mean it. I thought I was done several times, but ended up with a few more quarts of this and a few more pints of that. The week before the wind storm I canned pear sauce. Then last Monday, the day after the storm, I got a bargain on a big ol’ box of peaches. How could I resist? Nearly ¾ bushel and I paid $5 for them! So Monday night and Tuesday morn I was canning peaches. I love peaches and was thrilled to find them marked down so low. A few were over ripe, but 99% were just fine and all nice big, tree ripened peaches. Tasty! Earlier I had called around local orchards and they were going for $36-38 a bushel. That’s way beyond my budget so finding a deal like I did was awesome! And how about this; I had just enough jars left to can them…just enough. So yes, I am done now because I am out of canning jars. That, my friends, is hard to believe because I had a load of jars at the beginning of the season.

Anyhoo, about the mission…I have reworked the kitchen a little to suit me better, switched things from one cupboard to another and somehow I actually found storage for my small appliances; the crockpots, the food processor, the blender, etc. I still haven’t figured that one out because I actually eliminated the sideboard. Trust me; I’m not questioned how, just celebrating the fact, lol! Today I unintentionally worked on the living room and rearranged enough to make it feel more spacious. With the cooler weather here and more time being spent indoors as the weather turns to fall, I needed to feel less closed in. The truth is, despite my simplified life, I have too much stuff and too much furniture. I am limited as to how I can arrange things and still maintain my own sense of aesthetics. But I pulled it off and managed to open the living room up a bit for a more spacious feel. Damn I am good! *snicker* I did take note as I was reloading the shelves with books and pretties that I need to go through these particular things and get rid of some of this excess stuff. But for the moment I am just going to feel good about what has been done.

My mind has been drifting to the holidays already. That means I must be picking up on my crafting soon since we give primarily handmade gifts. I have always enjoyed the creative process and my skills come in handy, especially on our budget. Not only when it comes to gift giving, but also in our everyday lives. Recently I crocheted a scarf for the top of the toilet tank. I felt it needed a little something to make it a little prettier. I happened to have some green cotton yarn on hand so I worked up this “doily” in a simple V stitch.

I also like to make shawls and have a couple I’ve made for myself and use regularly. They’re the nicest things to wrap up in on a cool morning or evening. I use mine in place of a robe around the house. I especially like to take one along when we go to the concerts in the park during the summer. The evenings can get quite cool and they are the perfect wrap.

Well, speaking of wrap, I think I’ll wrap this up. But before I do, check out the boys, Timmy and Arther. I think they’ve adapted well to one another.


  1. I finished with canning tomatoes the other day. Boy that was messy!!

    I couldn't pass up on those peaches. Peaches are on my to do list next year.

    Timmy and the kitty are just to cute!

  2. I've never canned but my mother did. It's a lot of work but you will be reaping the rewards this winter!

    I too always feel like nesting in the fall. I've done some painting and want to clean everything! If I get it all done maybe I can hibernate this winter. I'm not so much a winter girl.

  3. I've been cleaning and streamlining to some extent myself...As much as we hate to see summer end, fall is welcome! And I think the nesting naturally occurs as the nights get brisk and the days get shorter. I love the photo of the boys...they are sweet. Congratulations on the end of canning..we will celebrate this weekend around a fire! Get out the drums!

  4. Carolyn - yep, a messy job all right. Canning in general is a big, messy job, lol, but well worth the effort.
    Btw, Timmy and Arther say "thank you." They think they're cute, too! :)

    Twice as Nice - yep, you are so very right, we'll be appreciating the rewards all winter long. We would surely not eat so well without the summer's efforts.

    I'm thinking this urge to clean and prepare for the winter is a natural instinct, especially for those of us who live where the climate changes substantially.

    Sue - Hi twin! It's always the case that no matter how much I hate to see summer fade, as you say, fall is a welcome change. It gives a much needed break from the busyness of the summer.

    Looking forward to the weekend, yes!!

  5. I haven't started "tilling the dust" inside the house yet..actually, I've kind of been wandering in a daze now that my kitchen isn't cluttered anymore..not sure which of my priorities I should prioritize!


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