Thursday, September 25, 2008

smelly dog syndrome

I’m grinning here as I type this. I mean, just looking at the title of is post. (I also have that old Skynyrd tune in my head, ooh, ooh that smell...) If you have a dog I’m betting you at least have some idea of what that means. If not, well by all means lemme explain….some dogs (not necessarily all) seem to have a built in tendency to want to roll around in smelly stuff. No one is sure exactly why, but it's assumed that they are trying to disguise their own scent. I think they just like stinky stuff. Whatever the case may be, some dogs do it. And when they do they seem to be extremely enthusiastic about it…at least my dog Timmy is. You’ll maybe recall my mention of him doing so at three o’clock one morning and him being quarantined in the garage until I could give him a bath.

When I complained to my sis about his behavior she told me what cured her dog of many years prior. One day, after bathing him she sprayed him with her musk cologne. As time went by she noticed that he obviously wasn’t practicing his smelly dog habit any longer. So, every so often she would give him a spray of musk cologne and that seemed to resolve his need to roll. I thought it was worth at least a try. Anything within reason was worth a try. If you've ever had the smelly dog experience you know what I'm sayin'.

Since cologne is something you won’t find in my house, but essentials oils are, I concocted a spray to try on my boy Tim. I chose two that I felt were earthy and kind of musky. I placed a dropper full of patchouli along with a few drops of vetivert into a spray bottle with about 6-8 ounces of water. “Here Timmy boy, come to mamma!” This dog is so good, he just stood there and let me spray him all over. When done, he raced into the living room and started rubbing and rolling all over the floor, just like he does outside when he finds something as wonderful as duck crap. He seems to love it when I spray him with the stuff! (I don't mean the duck crap, although he would love that bottled in a spray I'm sure.)

It’s been over a month now since I began the practice of spraying him down about once weekly with this blend and I am elated to say he has not once (to my noses knowledge) rolled in anything to make him come in smelling like a litter box in dire need of cleaning. And believe me, I have checked. For a couple weeks I was in the habit of sniffing him over every time he came inside after a jaunt outdoors. Now, not only are we humans no longer suffering from the effects of SDS (smelly dog syndrome), Timmy smells real purty all the time.


  1. What a great tip. I'll have to pass that one on.

  2. Smells pretty and looks pretty. What a good boy, Timmy!


  3. Wow that's amazing - and really cleverly and scientifically arrived at. It makes so much sense that they would be trying to disguise their scent for some reason.

  4. Well, it did work wonders but I have to correct one misinterpretation of the the original story. It actually happened quite literally by accident. As Petie my Pekingese had just jumped out of the tub after his bath, he inadvertantly knocked over a bottle of my musk cologne which was sitting nearby ill capped. The cologne spilled directly on Petie. I almost bathed him a second time but realized that in all actuality he smelled mighty fine. So that is the way the cologne spills...quite scientific indeed! He never rolled again and always smelled wonderful!

  5. What a great idea. Who would have thought it?
    Thanks for passing it on.


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