Friday, September 5, 2008

all in one day home improvements

Just the other day I was a bitchin about not having any bathroom cabinets and then...

my dear husband remedied that situation by repurposing two kitchen cabinets that were taking up room in the barn. Then he decided to put in a cupboard and counter space where none had ever been before.

It's not an exact match to our pre-existing cupboards but it works for me! Is he a great guy or what?


  1. Your cabinet looks good. I don't have cabinets in my bathroom either. Just glass shelves that I hate. Hoping to get wooden cabinets one day.

    Thanks for well wishes , the storm is expected to hit in the morning around 2am , Praying it isn't to destructive.

    ~ Blessings ~

  2. Yea, good guy! The miss match is not really obvious in the photo. Seems good to me.

  3. What ever works, is my motto. We kind of have a hodge podge around our house....function is the priority.

  4. Nice Cabinets. What a nice guy to reuse some old cabinets and be creative to get you what you want and some additional counter space. I Enjoy visiting your blog.

  5. Thanks everybody! I am very happy with the improvements. I agree CW, function is the main thing. I don't need fancy. :)


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