Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the dangers of multi-tasking

Late last night a storm moved in from the south bringing with it the dankness of autumn and the hint of winter not too far off. This afternoon the sun has finally made its presence known and there’s hope of it turning into a pleasant fall day after all.

Today I am puttering about, doing my best to catch up on household chores and re-establish a routine. Things got out of whack the past two months with the garden taking priority. Coop promises to get those Amish paste tomatoes picked today, (providing the ground dries up a bit more) as well as hot peppers while I continue to do some household catching up. I had seriously good intentions yesterday. That was until I took a dive across the kitchen floor and landed full force on my knees. I ended up doing a lot less than initially planned…even had to lie down for awhile with an ice pack. My left knee is still giving me grief today despite icing it down and using arnica cream and homeopathic meds. I can however at least get around better today than yesterday.

It wasn’t funny when it happened but looking back it must have been a site. I was heading towards the microwave when I tripped over a box on the floor. Yeah, I put the box there. I had been taking the rings off my canned tomatoes, preparing them to take to the basement later. The box was out because as I was removing the rings I had been dropping them into that box that I keep slid under my utility table during canning season. Uh…I forgot to put the box back into its proper place you see…while multi-tasking. That’s a subject for another day and another blog post I am sure. Anyhoo, on my way to the microwave I was talking on the phone, too. Most likely the reason I didn’t notice the box. I flew, the phone flew, and the cup of water in my hand flew. As I lay moaning on the floor I noticed the phone in three pieces, battery dangling out the back of it. I yelled “I’m ok, I’m ok” to my daughter who might still be on the line. Finally I got hold of the phone and she was still there. So there I am, spread out on the floor with a third of the phone in my hand, battery dangling by a thin wire, reassuring my girl that hr mom was ok…even though I wasn’t real sure whether that was true. We hung up and somewhat afraid to move, I decided to put the phone back together. It wasn’t broken broken, just everything had snapped apart from the impact with the floor. Coop was out mowing when all this happened so I continued to sit there. I was really quite afraid I had busted my knee cap and that an attempt to get up to a standing position might result in another fall. What was a girl to do? Well this girl decided to scooch across the floor to the back door and although not intentionally, in the process I managed to soak up most of the spilled water with the back of my jeans. So, not only was I on the floor, now I was wet as well! Luckily the main door was open and I could reach the storm door handle. I opened it and adjusted the plunger to keep it open and was able to get my butt to the edge of the doorway where the step down into the garage was. There I could at least sit semi-comfortably until I got up the nerve to try standing. After a few more moans and groans and a couple of tears I decided to give it a shot. Mind you, Coop is driving back and forth mowing, right past the overhead garage door and he doesn’t see me. I am waving, banging my hand against the storm door making as much noise as I can to get his attention, hoping for a little help to no avail. I did manage to get up and the knee worked. It was painful, but it worked and that was all that mattered. From there my day was pretty well shot. But today is a new day and although I am not progressing as well as I’d like it’s better than yesterday. I have managed to do dishes, sort and at least start the laundry, shake a couple rugs, sort the closet a bit and straighten the house. My goals for the rest of today are to take a broom to the bare floors and the vacuum to the living room rug, get a comforting warm shower and then ice and wrap the knee. Not lofty goals but if I accomplish them I will be happy to have done so! Oh yeah…and fix dinner, tonight. With this fall weather a pot of pork and sauerkraut with a side of smashed taters sounds so good, don’t you think? I better get started on that! I wanted to make homemade bread, but I don’t think that’s going to happen…not today anyhow.

Hope your week is good and no accidents befall you and yours! : ) I’m telling you, forget multitasking, it’s far too dangerous I say!


  1. You're right about the multi-tasking , but I forget easily , next thing I know , I'm doing 5 things .
    Glad to hear you're o.k. , love your sense of humor about it. I broke my ankle getting out of bed one morning. I heard a knock on the door , it was my daughter bringing my Grandson , I jumped out of bed and tripped over my bedroom slippers , turned my ankle , heard it POP and went down.
    Imagine telling that story to people (LOL).
    Sending Healing Thoughts your way !

    ~ Blessings ~

  2. Multi-taking is SO 2006 - totally on the way out. Funny as that is, I actually read it in a magazine! Take care of that knee!

  3. Hi JoyceAnn - I think as women and moms especially we have a tendency to multi-task, even when it's not our intention. Fortunately the knee is feeling much better this evening, just badly bruised I think. Oooh, you broke the ankle! Ouch!

    Thanks so much for the healing thoughts!

    City Mouse - Thanks, I certainly will. That's so funny. Well then, if it ain't cool I quit! Lol!

  4. oh no!!! Falling is not fun.....trust me I know!
    Hope your feeling better soon!

  5. Oh my. It sounds too familiar to many of us, I think. I hope you are continuing to heal, and maybe slowing down for a few days is a good thing. You've been mighty busy, lady.

  6. Thank you friends for all the well wishes. I am doing much, much better today so they must have helped!

    Granny Sue - I do think the universe has a way of saying slow it down and sometimes it takes an "accident" to get our attention.

  7. Oh Earth Heart~I'm so sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh as I read this post! I could see vividly, every detail you wrote! And I laughed! Your kitchen is identical to mine this time of year! Wonder I didn't do the same, but I was trying to correct mine the nite of our fiasco.
    I truly do empathize with you, and surely hope you are doing better.
    ps....I'm still chuckling! and wondering why we hadn't heard about this multi-tasking being a thing of the past??!!

  8. Guess what? I just discovered your other blogs and LOVE them! I thought this was your only blog (I love this one, by the way). Your tree-hugger, dirt-worshiper ways are not lost on me, friend!

    So, about your post:

    Why is it that these things all seem to happen at once? And always when our help is somewhere else? I will somehow manage to walk about safely without incident until I am all by myself without a soul in earshot -- then I will light myself on fire or something crazy.

    Glad I am not the only one who has such troubles. I did so enjoy the image of you sopping up all that water on your bum with your jeans. That is SO something I would do.

    We are cosmic twins, you and I.


  9. Barb - hey, glad it gave you a chuckle. That was my intention in posting about it. And after the fact it is funny!

    Hi Lacy! Good to see you here. Yeah, that sopping up the water, that was part desperation, part efficiency, lol!

  10. I lurk. It's a rotten bad-blogger habit but I visit blogs without commenting. I know, I know... here I LOVE comments but I often feel that someone else already said it better. You know?



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