Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Smallest of Pleasures

Over the years I have learned to recognize more acutely the significance in the small, seemingly inconsequential things. In taking note, I find that much of my love of our simple life is encapsulated in these small pleasures…

The sound of jar lids popping, letting me know my jars of jam and vegetables have sealed successfully.

A seed sprouting, showing signs of life and green, making one aware of the continuous cycle of nature.

The aroma (and anticipation) of whatever may be simmering on the stove top or baking in the oven.

Watching our garden grow.

Moments sitting in the sun with a cat occupying my lap or winding around my legs.

Allowing the jars of newly canned jams to sit on the table for longer than necessary just so I can admire them a little while longer before storing them away.

Watching the antics of birds and insects as if there is nothing better to do, because in that moment there is nothing better to do.

The sight of clean laundry willowing in the breeze on a sunny day and the smell of air and sunshine as I take it down and fold it, drawing the occasional piece to my face to breathe it in.

Our muscovy ducks appearing at my feet when I step out back in case I might have a treat for them and hand tossing them scraps to catch in their beaks like puppy dogs.

Adding to and organizing rows of home canned goods on my cellar shelves.

The myriad of colors in a patch of zinnias.

The evening sounds of life in the woods.

Choosing colors for my next yarn project, next bead project, next sewing project....

Putting the clean dishes in their proper places.

Gathering food fresh from the vine and making a homegrown meal.

Watching storms move in and never ceasing to be in awe of the power of nature.

The truth is, I find pleasure in most aspects of life, not only pleasure but also a great sense of appreciation for our lifestyle, our family and friends and for what we have. And when I say for what we have I mean that in the largest sense, from the love of others to the plants and trees that make oxygen , from the earth in which our food grows to the sun for it's warmth and life sustaining rays, from the food, dishes and utensils that inhabit the cupboards and drawers to the hot running water, from the view out the kitchen window, to the earth’s tokens that decorate our home There is so much that we can inadvertently take for granted, but when we practice slowing down and taking notice we find ourselves surrounded with blessings. I've found that practicing awareness brings appreciation and practicing appreciation brings awareness.


  1. What a pretty post. I agree with it all.

  2. Thanks for that. It's so true! We get all caught up in the daily chaos of the world that we often forget to stop and appreciate the little things that bless our lives every day.

    Just found your blog on blog catalog and enjoying reading it. Looking forward to having time to read more :)

  3. Thank you for visiting my journal.
    I agree with you totalling. If I was a little younger and not alone I would have stayed in my 125 year old farm home. Just everything fell in place for a move to the city to be closer to my children and grandchildren. My small yard is amazing. A minature of much I had in the past.
    Have a great day. I check in often.

  4. Thank you for stopping by today! I've had you in my blogroll for some time, and like others, I haven't gotten to visit you for awhile!(thx for the reminder!)
    OMG...I've been catchng up on your life...and altho I am not a twin, your thoughts, ideals, & pleasures are so very much like mine!
    What a pleasure to read! I'll be a 'regular' now, count on it!

  5. All I can think of to say to this post is, "AMEN". I do enjoy your blog as well as all the things you mentioned.

  6. Hey ya' all - Just wanted to say hey, thanks for the comments and welcome to new friends and old. I've been awfully busy lately so haven't made time to respond as I'd like but want to acknowledge you and let you know I appreciate your presence here.


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