Thursday, August 14, 2008

I’ve lived long enough to understand that…

On Wednesday I celebrated my 53rd birthday. So, I got to thinking about what I have gained from my years of life experience. Actually quite a few things, so I began writing them down and have decided to share a few of them with my readers. All are subject to my personal experience of course or reflect the philosophy I've developed as a result.

I have lived long enough to understand that…

Everyday holds certain responsibilities as well as moments of wonder and pleasure. Don’t take life so seriously you might miss them.

Contentment comes from within and understanding who the authentic you really is.

Happiness is a temporary feeling. Contentment is what we really seek.

The ability to be filled with utter joy and appreciation comes from knowing suffering somewhere along the line.

To withhold love is to harm oneself and other beings.

Life has grown simpler and my needs have lessened since becoming mature enough to feel a sense of my own mortality.

I am a universe unto myself.

Nothing is perfect yet everything is.

No matter what everything will be ok.

Life isn’t about what we have or what we do but who we really are.

Sorrow comes to all of us and we must learn to grieve, let go and move on.

Blaming others for how your life turned out is allowing others to define you, makes you a victim and prevents you from living fully. We have to heal and forgive (ourselves as well as others) let the past be the past and live in the present.

Hope is powerful medicine.

The best way to get through things is to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and do something.

I am who I am and that’s all that I am, take me or leave me.

Women really do rule.

Everything is energy.

Forcing a smile when I don’t feel like it really does lift the spirit and laughter is the best medicine.

A helping hand, a kind word, a hug or “I love you” are priceless gifts.

Truth is subjective.

Having grandchildren is redemptive.

Everything has a ripple effect.

We can make a choice whether to respond or react. There’s a big difference between the two.

Our lives are a consequence of the choices we make.

All anyone really wants is acknowledgment…to be seen and heard.

And despite how it may seem, I believe we all end up exactly where we’re meant to be even if it takes a lot of detours to get there.


  1. Absolute spot on! I think you have pretty much nailed it ... from where I sit anyway. :)

  2. I am dating a woman that was in a coma for two years. For three years after that she was taught how to walk and talk and finally to live on her own. It has been seven years since her car wreck and I am the first man she had dated in all those years.

    Both her and I were in a place between life and death. I for two hours and she for two years.

    I tell you this because I don't see the world as you do and only someone who knows that place between life and death can understand how I see the world.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday , Earth Heart!

    I love your philosophy about life , it speaks to me in volumes. I feel the same way about life , wish I could put it in writing the way you do , but writing isn't one of my strong talents.

    Have a Wonderful Weekend and Be Blessed ~~~~~ JoyceAnn

  4. manontroppo - thanks for taking the time to comment.

    robert - I agree, everyone sees the world from their own perspective based on their personal experiences. My understanding is simply my understanding and as I travel through life it's subject to change.

    carolyn and joyceann - thank you for the birthday wishes!

  5. Happy birthday and thanks for taking my first comment with a grain of salt.

    I plan to do a post on my blog inspired by this very well done post.


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