Saturday, August 9, 2008

around the house

Finally I managed to get some housework caught up! The kitchen has been a motley mess of canning kettles, vegetables, jars, pots and pans. It's August that's why! Today I actually swept the floors and let me tell ya, they needed it in a bad way. Tomorrow I'll do some laundry because when your canning and cooking, well, you use up a whole lot of kitchen towels. Well, at least I do.

When I get some free time, (hahaha!) I have been working on this afghan. The colors and the pattern give it a southwestern look don't you think?

The herb bed is in its August glory. I love when it's full and lush in late summer.

From the front of the things I love about living in the country...except when they visit my garden.

Hungarian hots and (mostly) Cherokee Purples...

21 jars of hot sauce, 7 pints of pickles and two pints of dried tomatoes.
Not a bad days work!

Uno heard me coming to the door and hurries away from the cat's food.
Bad duck!


  1. Do you have a recipe for the tomatoes?

    that's cute the duck wanted the cat food!!!

    Gill from Canada

  2. Hi Gill - My hot sauce recipe is an old one my mother created and that we've kept strictly in the family for years now. I know it by heart and there are no exact measurements and my mother would likely roll over in her grave if I shared it on the internet. I hope you understand. I can recommend that if you have tomatoes, peppers as well as some basic seasoning and Italian herbs you can experiment and probably come close. :) It's rather like a salsa with an Italian flair.

    That duck loves cat food and he can be very persistant!

  3. Hi Earth Heart , Things do get pushed to the side during canning season. I've been catching up on laundry today , myself.

    Your canned goods look wonderful. I love seeing those jars in my cabinets , full of homegrown goodness. We made salsa yesterday. I would like to try those cherokee purples , how do they taste or what do they compare to ? We grow homestead tomatoes mostly , they're a small to med size tomato , my Dad always grew them. I do have about 6 beefsteak tomatoes also.

    That afghan , you're working on is beautiful , love the southwest colors.

    That's one Lucky Duck ~ Does the Kitty mind sharing ?

    ~ Blessings ~

  4. Those tomatoes are beautiful!

    I thought about you the other day and how busy your kitchen must be right about now.

    We are battling cumcumber beetles and Japanese Beetles. And the Deer have taken a liking to the tomatoes now.

  5. Hi Joyceann - Thanks! I'm with you, seeing all those jars of home made goodness gives a real sense of satisfaction and pride.

    The Cherokee Purples are a larger heirloom tomato, maybe related to a Beefsteak even, not sure. They are mild and sweet in flavor IMO. These were the first ones in our garden to ripen. They're great for slicing and canning. I like the Brandywines just a little better for flavor, (we planted all heirloom tomatoes) but these seem to be right up there with them.

    As for the duck, no, the kitty doesn't mind at all, but we do! He heard me coming to the door and knew he was about to be chased off. My ducks have a penchant for cat food despite being very well fed. We discourage the ducks from hanging out on the patio or porch in general because they have no regard as to where they do their business. Nothing worse than running out the door and finding you've stepped into duck poop, lol!

  6. Carolyn - Yep, it's getting busy! With tomatoes really beginning to ripen now I think next week will find my kitchen even busier. Typical August!

  7. You must be so happy with all the beautiful and wonderful things you have gotten done this Summer - that stack of canning just radiates "good food all winter!" Neat afghan too!

  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one (re: the towels and the canning). My kitchen looks like a produce stand and my house is a wreck. lol


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