Friday, August 29, 2008

Frazzled Friday

My day began at 3:30 AM when something woke me up. When I got up Timmy our dog leaped off the sofa and went to the door so I let him out. Unusual behavior for him but obviously he had to go. I went to the bathroom then waited at the door for Timmy’s return. When he didn’t come back immediately I went out into the dark foggy morning and called and whistled. Finally he came. I let him back in and was obviously too tired to notice anything strange. Coop then got up with flashlight in hand as he heard me calling Timmy. He noticed an odor before I did. Timmy had obviously rolled in something nasty. So unfortunately Timmy had to spend the rest of the morning in the garage. We went back to bed to catch a little more shut eye before beginning the day for real, with me knowing that my dad would begin with giving the dog a bath.

When I got up, I noticed a pile of doggie vomit next to the loveseat. I’m guessing the dog vomiting is actually what woke me earlier. I also noticed that my philodendron was chewed up and pieces of leaves lay scattered about. Oh yeah, then the manila folder where I keep my crochet patterns had been gotten into and one was taken out and chewed up…just the one, mind you. I will likely never know which pattern that was until I search specifically for it and find it missing. This behavior is so uncharacteristic of Timmy so I don’t have any idea what prompted it.

Before I cleaned up that mess, it was doggie bath time. After all, the puke had been there all night, what was few more minutes? I got Timmy into the bathroom but then couldn’t shut the door. We have a small bath and one must be to the far left to close the door. Timmy was by the tub to the far right. Ok, move Timmy. No cooperation on his part, so I tried moving him. This confused and intimidated him and he got the hell out of there. I began yelling for Coop to get up and give me a hand, which he did. Between the two of us we managed to get Timmy into the bathroom, the door closed and our furry friend into the tub.

Once the bath was done I cleaned up the mess in the living room and began the day. I had a large pot of spaghetti sauce to can this morning, which I nearly ruined while cooking the night before. I saved the sauce but the pan is scorched and still soaking. After heating the sauce up, sterilizing the jars and beginning the canning process, actually filling a few jars, I found two jars that had slight chips around the rims. I was sure I had checked them prior. So, dump the sauce back into the pan and begin again… after going to the basement to gather several more jars to be sterilized. It was not starting out to be a great morning.

But, the day wore on and things got better. Heck, I even managed to get a shower and trim my hair between phone calls, making egg salad, chopping vegetables, grating zucchini, baking a cake, peeling potatoes, making a meat mixture for dinner, neighbors dropping in, straightening the house, sweeping the kitchen and washing a mob of dishes…twice. Not too bad for a Friday. In fact less busy than most of the week has been except for the doggy incident which got me off to rocky start. Then the sun decided to come out and chase away the clouds, a nice, warm breeze began filtering through the south windows, the makings of a most sensuous afternoon and evening. I am off now to prepare and enjoy dinner and the rest of the evening. Hope your day was a good one.


  1. All I can say is ... wow.

    Glad you survived this Friday smiling!

  2. I have said it before...... I would love to spend the day with you. Well.....not the doggie vomit and bath time part!

  3. I hate when days start out like that , everything seems to go wrong. Glad it ended better for you.

    ~ Blessings ~

  4. Got to make the best of every day!

    Hey Carolyn, Be careful what you wish for, I just might put you to work! :)(not really)


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