Monday, August 25, 2008

the big and the small of it

This Brandywine weighed in at 1 pound 11 ounces.

Don't these look like miniature watermelons?
They are Mexican Sour Gherkins and appropriately named as they have a real tartness tasting almost as if they were already pickled. When ripened they fall off the vine.
A unique addition to fresh salads and so darn cute!

Recently canned tomatoes here and another 14 quart canned today.
These ones are seasoned with herbs.

Sunday pickins from the garden...

I'll be canning again tomorrow but I'll be posting soon about our day trip this past Saturday to Serpent Mound.


  1. Now that is a big tomatoe. I picked a big on last week. But it was not as BIG as that one!

    I love those little gherkins. Too cute!

    That is a beautiful harvest.!

    I am getting ready to can some tomatoes myself.

    Have a great day.

  2. You are a canning master! That tomato is huge and fabulous. I'd never seen the gherkins - neat. The last picture is so nice - it could be a magazine pic! I'm curious how stocked up you are for the winter - it seems like you could do the whole winter just from what you have canned.

  3. Hi Carolyn - I had another that rivaled that tomato in size but we ate it before I could weigh it, lol! I canned another 14 quart yesterday and will do another bunch of the cherokees today, probably into juice. Like me, I bet you're keeping mighty busy! Have a great day yourself!

    city mouse - I do can a lot, that's for sure! Yes, we could almost do the winter on what I preserve, that's the point. :) Aside from what meat we eat and fresh dairy products and grains, we depend on what we grow. I will do a tally on what I've preserved at the end of the season and photo the cellar shelves for a post. Might even surprise myself! I really liked the Sunday pickins picture, too. Thanks.

  4. I'm growing those little Mexican Sour Gherkins too -- they looked so cute in the seed catalog I couldn't resist! Mine aren't ripe yet, and I've been so curious as to how they were going to taste.

  5. All of what you share brings back memories of another time and place.
    You do not have to prepare much for one. But then family is here about once a month. But still do not need an abundance. Enjoy your adventure.

  6. Jen - I planted them just as a novelty for the same reason...too irresistibly cute.

    Ernestine - Here it is just the two of us but our income is limited and we choose to eat organically as much as possible. It's so much less expensive to grow our own than purchase, plus we know it's truly organic. It's also reassuring to know there's always food in the house.

  7. OK, I've gotta try those little cukes!

    I love your picture of the day's pickings. You live a blessed life, and what is so good is that you know and appreciate it. Maybe not a lot of money, but a lot of everything that's needful.

    I visited the Serpent Mound years ago--I'd love to go back. Can you still walk on it?

  8. Granny Sue - Thanks so much for the acknowledgment. Serpent Mound has a paved walk path all the way around it and signs telling visitors to stay off the earthen area.

  9. This post reminds me of my Grandmother Vollrath during canning time.

    Great post!

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