Tuesday, August 5, 2008

it's a boy!

Actually Timmy is not a boy, but a middle aged gentlemanly fellow. It just so happens he needed a forever home and we had been looking for the right dog. When my daughter called from the humane society last Thursday to tell me they'd found the perfect dog for us, I had to make a decision. You see they had just adopted a rescue dog and while finishing up the paperwork, Timmy's foster mom brought him in to get acquainted with a couple who were considering adopting him. The couple declined the adoption because Timmy was too docile for them. They wanted a dog that was a little more spirited. When Kandice found out Timmy was still available she called me and gave me his details. He sounded like the perfect dog for us; mature, calm, sweet and gets along well with cats. So, the kids adopted him for us and on Friday we went to pick him up.

Timmy is very quiet and unexcitable, somewhat timid but quite friendly. According to the shelter he is a viszla, (pronounced VEEZH-la) which I had never heard of, also known as Hungarian Pointing Dog.
I find him to be an irresistible companion. He is so very well behaved that I sometimes forget he's here. But then he will come to me and nudge my hand (quite persistently) for some attention; a pat on the head or a chin rub. He just needs to feel secure. He will now that he's found a forever home.
two tired boys

being silly after a brushing

I was just thinking...when we moved here we had two cats. Now after being here two years we have somehow expanded our care taking to four cats and a dog, not to mention the ducks. Does anyone see a trend here?


  1. I love Timmy. He is so cute. Sounds like he is the perfect fit for you guys.

  2. That looks like some kind of happy dog! Congrats! He's gorgeous and looks super sweet.

  3. Congrats , he's beautiful. Older dogs make wonderful pets , but most people don't give them a chance. It sounds like he's the perfect dog for you'll.

    ~ Blessings ~

  4. What a lovely dog. I thought he was a "West Virginia Brown Dog," a reare breed known only in West Virginia. So I surprised to see him in Ohio! But apparently he's some other breed--I've never heard of a Visla either.

    (WV Brown Dog is actually a joke, a phrase coined by Jim Dent, a humor columnist in Charleston for many years. There are so many mixed breed dogs here that after so much crossbreeding they all become a sort of generic "brown dog." Dent said, tongue firmly in cheek, that the American Kennel Assoc should create a new breed just for these dogs--who by the way are usually very intelligent and great pets.)

  5. What a lovely dog and well done to you for giving him a home:o)) You sound wonderfully well matched:o))

    We rescued an 11 year old jack russell whose owner had died. Mickey was the most beautifully well natured dog I have ever, ever known. We were lucky enough to have him for 5 years before he passed away.


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