Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday ramble

It is dreary, rainy today, although much warmer than it has been. That works for me, though. Went to sleep late last night and got up early, too early thanks to Arther who decided it was time and persisted on pouncing on my belly until he succeeded in getting me out of bed. Damn cat! : )

I was so elated when I checked my email this morning… I actually made a sale on etsy! My first one, yay! A pair of garnet goddess earrings I made early in my jewelry making endeavors. Happy happy!

Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary. I couldn’t believe the whole month had gone by and our upcoming anniversary never entered my mind until today when I glanced at the date on my computer. Coop and I will be wed 26 years tomorrow…that’s half my life, lol! I can’t imagine any other man putting up with me that long! Granted, I have put up with him, too. But then, that’s what makes it successful, when you can accept and overlook each others shortcomings and love one another despite them. It takes dedication at times, but you build trust and life’s circumstances have pulled us closer together over the years. When you have commitment and friendship and practice acceptance and forgiveness in a relationship it generally works. Ya just gotta be willing to do that and roll with it. : )

I finally brought my polymer clay out of hiding. Now I have to check to see if it’s pliable enough to work with. Step by step…besides I’m still working on pumpkins! I told my daughter this morning that I get so scatter brained at times, actually quite often because I seem to constantly be thinking of things to create and making notes on ideas. It side tracks me from accomplishing other things like, oh lets say…housework. But then, it’s not like the housework won’t be there when I do get around to it. And to think I used to be so anal about my home…hard to believe. But, the fact that I’m not obsessive anymore is a good thing. In fact a very positive thing, a much mentally healthier thing for me which in the end makes everyone around me happier, too. Well, I guess today my blogging is really all about me! (Laughing at myself)

Actually, I did want to share something that gave me some perspective about doing good. It’s from journalist Peter Gorman’s blog, which I follow from time to time. Peter talks about how “doing good” may not necessarily have a positive impact in the end in regard to indigenous folk. It certainly gives one pause in considering the results of our actions in the name of charitable and missionary work as well as environmentalism. I suggest you check it out here.

Enough for now, this really has been a ramble.

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  1. Happy Anniversary!

    (Cute pumpkins, by the way. Adorable!)


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